Giving Them a Home – Adopted Ancestors

I’ve added some new “ancestors” in the shop this week.
I love decorating with antique photographs.  
They add a lot of charm to a vintage vignette.
Each is unique and it’s fun to image who the people
are in the photos and envision the lives they led.
This photo is of Phillip Fengel & “wife”.
I envision them as hard-working German immigrants,
getting a photograph taken that they could display in their home place.
There was a large German immigrant population in the 
town where this photo was taken, so it’s possible.
It’s fun to wonder…
 I love this photo of a group of women.  
I’m guessing they were related, as their “body language”
seems relaxed and comfortable with each other.
 Another wonderful photo of a young couple.
I love her dress and spectacles.
 This is a photo from the 20’s.
What was it like to live in that era, I wonder.
I’m not crazy about the hair styles back then,
but her clothes are wonderful and she looks to have been
a stylish gal.
It’s a little sad that old photos don’t remain with
the family heirs, but I think those people would
be glad to know that someone brought their
photo home, loves it and gives it a good home.

Do you have any “adopted relatives” that have
made their way into your home?

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  1. My father’s parents left behind boxes and boxes of old photos. We know they’re our ancestors, but many weren’t labeled.

    I haven’t adopted any ancestors, but definitely would if I got my hands on some great old pictures.

  2. Oh yes, and most of the time I like the adopted ancestors better than the real ones. LOL

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t have many family photos of generations past. Family photos are so priceless and my desire to find them is high on my list. 🙂 I, too, collect vintage photos and wonder the same things. How sad that no one cared enough to keep them or give to other relatives who might have enjoyed having them.

  4. You are funny. Do the same with old letters, imagining the lives of the people. While in Italy I purchased a set of letters written in beautiful penmanship between a family in Livorno. Fascinating.

  5. Love your old photos…I do the same…we have a huge photo portrait of a boy and his dog taken many years ago. I always wonder what his life was like…

  6. I love old photos too. I have several that I have picked up at flea markets, also some my friend gave me. Some from her grandparents photo-box that had no names on them and she had no idea who they were. I always wonder
    about their lives and I feel the same about old houses (photos and real ones), it is so interesting to think of
    all the times past and who lived there and why they are left there with only strangers and dreamers that think of them.
    Thanks for sharing, Maki

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