Get the Look Thursday – {Antique Farmhouse Bread Basket}

I got lucky creating this week’s 
“Get the Look” project, because
I wanted to get the look of this bread
basket sold by Antique Farmhouse for $24,
(which have sold out)
but didn’t think I’d actually find a basket 
with a similar style.  
Bread Wire Basket
I had planned to just come up with a similar “Le Pain” tag
and add it to a bread basket and call it close enough,
but last week when I was making the rounds through
thrift stores, I found this one in a similar style.  
Here’s my completed version:

While it isn’t exactly the same,
I’m not trying to create exact replicas.
I just want to create a similar look…on a dime store budget.

If you plan to make one for yourself,
just find a basket you love,
paint it black, and add the tag.  You’ll love it,
whether it looks like the “model” basket or not.

My basket was gold, so I spray painted it black.

The tags I used in last week’s Tin Twine Dispenser project
look similar to the “Le Pain” porcelain
tags Antique Farmhouse used, so I just 
edited them for this project. 
As lovely as the French language looks in print,
“bread” in French looks like, “the pain” to my
English-speaking mind, so I decided
to stick with “bread” for my tag.

 I made the tags with several
variations to choose from.  I didn’t like
their mix of fonts, so I used just one font.
{right-click, save and open in Word to print}
I wanted my tags to have a similar aged
look, so I wiped a paint brush
across a brown ink pad, then
lightly brushed & dabbed it around the paper
to get that slightly rusted look.
I rummaged through my metal stash
and found this metal label holder
to put the tag in.  You can buy them at craft stores.
I attached the tag to the metal label holder, which I painted 
black and distressed, but you could also mount it on a 
slightly larger piece of black card stock paper
and that would look fine too.
 I used thin wire to attach it to the basket.
That’s it – done!
It took me about 25 minutes to do.
It would take you even less,
since the tags have already been created for you.
I’m thrilled with how mine turned out,
and it gave me an excuse to buy some
yummy breads.  I bought donuts too,
but I was too busy eating one to
put it in the photo!
If you’d like to add different words
to the tags, just right-click, save and
open them into a program like Paint,
then select your font to create different words.
Once you’ve done that, reopen the image
in Word and re-size them to your desired size.
My son bought some blackberries and I
couldn’t resist snapping some photos of them
before he gobbled them down.
I’ve been collecting this design of serving plates
for awhile.  They are all unmarked, so I don’t know
anything about the maker, but I love the design 
around the edge.  I added another platter to my collection 
last week – slightly larger than another one I have like it.
You could put dog food on these pieces
and it would still look delicious,
but berries and cinnamon rolls look
twice as yummy on them.
I also bought a bunch of old silverware last week.
This spoon is one of the shinier ones.
Most of them were loaded with patina,
which I love, but pieces with just a touch
of patina are beautiful as well.
I bought a box full of books a few weeks
ago at an auction and discovered the
pretty crochet piece under them all.
It has a few light stains, but I love it.
As a person who crochets, I know how
much time goes into these and
am glad this one got buried in a
box of books for me to find!
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  1. Love your knock off bread basket they have such beautiful things on there

  2. Angie, Your shoe string budget bread basket looks better than the $24 basket… thanks for sharing. You are so creative!

  3. The basket looks fabulous! Great thinking and re-purposing!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  4. Thanks for the labels, Angie. I must try this to spruce up some ho hum baskets I keep avoiding.

  5. Oh Great stuff! I was just looking for labels yesterday. Thanks so much!

  6. I love your bread basket Angie!

  7. What a cute idea! I have a basket very similar to yours I picked up at a yard sale for 25 cents. Thanks for the labels, I am so going to do this!

  8. it looks great! and I love vintage doilies!

  9. Angie I love this — what a great find that basket was and your transformation is perfect! Your other vintage finds are great too — I love the silverware patterns. I have been collecting spoons for my tea parties — do you clean the tarnish off of yours or leave them as is? I of course wash them thoroughly but have not been able to bring myself to polish them.

  10. I like your version of the basket…especially since I can READ the label. I don’t speak another language so I don’t put foreign words on my projects…unless I’m trying to be funny or something. I like the idea of ‘get the look’… I’ve got tons of those projects lined out in my notebook.
    Anyway– I crochet and know the effort of doilies as well, and appreciate them NO MATTER THE CONDITION.
    love your vignette of blackberries on your plate and new found doily!

    always finding inspiration here. Pat

  11. Beautiful inspiration, Ang. Love the blackberries. Wish I had one right now.

  12. What a difference a coat of black paint makes on that wire basket!

  13. How sweet! love the basket transformation, and the little tag is perfect! the change of collor makes all the difference! 😉

    Bonnie @ uncommon

  14. Anonymous says:

    i collect those dishes too, (or ones very similar),
    and recently found one with a very faded mark: ‘adam antique by steubenville’.
    this might be your pattern.
    thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos of your great projects!
    laurinda in california (a new reader of your blog)

  15. Hi Angie! Thanks for sharing this great idea…you have a lot of imagination and vision to spy a basket like the “before” and know that it can become a treasure. Thanks also for sharing the labels with us. I am following you now.

  16. I love your bread basket, Angie! I have to agree, the French text of the word doesn’t look like it’s talking about food! : ) Love your tag and I think you got a great look with your thrift store basket. Sometimes they have some really nice ones. You just have to look past the color and spray paint them.

    visiting from Feathered Nest Friday!

  17. Love your Basket! the tags are so cute!

  18. your basket looks great! that tag holder made all the difference!


  19. You did a great job! Love the basket. Found you on Mrs Hines party.


  20. Great basket. Came over from Mrs. Hines.
    Thanks for the labels. I will use them.
    Hugs, Ginger

  21. Looks great, and love the antique spoon!

  22. So many things I love about this post….first, your “get the look” project turned out better than the inspiration in my opinion. I would pay $24 for your version! Second, the crochet doily is beautiful and I’m so glad that it is now in the hands of someone who will love and appreciate it. And last, I’ve been intending on buying some old silverware to display in a wire caddy I have. So, I have an appreciation for your newfound collection. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures with us at Show & Tell.
    I love that we share a love of all things sentimental.
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  23. I think your basket is just darling! Love the label and cute label holder!

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