Introducing Sumaya

Many of you are world travelers,
many of us are not…but wish we could be.
Someday, I hope to board a plane
and visit faraway places and
see totally different sights, smells and languages,
not often experienced in my
little corner of the world.
Until then, visiting blogs from people 
all over the world gives me a fascinating 
glimpse into their lives and homes.

Today, I’m thrilled to share a glimpse
into the life of someone who has led
a very different life from me,
yet we share many things in common…
like our love of vintage goods.

Her name is Sumaya.
Sumaya has been a customer of mine
for quite some time and in the
course of our “business” dealings,
we’ve shared little tidbits about
ourselves and our lives.
She’s become a friend…albeit,
a very faraway friend.

Sumaya lives near Cape Town, South Africa.
She recently started blogging,
so I’m thrilled that I can now
get some visual glimpses into her
life and world and I’m
glad to introduce her to you today.

Interspersed with Sumaya’s story
are pictures from her lovely new blog,
Evocative Vintage, where she shares
her creations and projects.
Please visit her blog, and give
her a friendly welcome to the blog world!
Evocative Vintage
So, without further ado,
I introduce you to…Sumaya.

I am a 51 year old mom of 2
grown up girls age 22 and 29 
and a grandma to my 5 year
old granddaughter. 
I live with my husband, my
daughter (single mom) 
and my granddaughter in one
of the suburbs of Cape Town. 
My eldest daughter lives in
with her husband.

I have 7 other siblings; 4
sisters and 3 brothers.
Yes, my Mom and Dad were very
busy back in the day!

I work as a business analyst
for one of the 
biggest Investment Management
companies in South Africa. 
On weekends, I love going to
vintage markets, 
flea markets and junk stores
and I love crafting. 
I stumbled across the Etsy
with all its marvelous
vintage treasures, 
decided to give upcycling a
go, and the rest is history.

I grew up in the 60's. 
We were forcefully removed
from District Six 
when in 1966 under the
'apartheid' law, 
District Six was declared a
white's only area 
under the Group Areas
You can read up about it here

We were relocated to a bleak,
sandy township complex 
on the Cape Flats. We moved
into a 4-room 
council house with no hot
water or electricity. 
The semi-detached house, with
its asbestos roof 
had 1 living area, a kitchen,
2 bedrooms 
 and an outside toilet. 

There were a lot of mouths to
so we had to get by with only
the barest essentials, 
yet my mom managed to create
a warm and cozy
 little nest for her
brood with 
wonderful meals on the table
every day. 
She was a great cook and homemaker. 
I remember that not a day
went by when 
someone did not come by for a
Today at 84 she is too old to

the things she loved so much. 

My love of vintage
imperfection stems 
from my childhood and I
very nostalgic when I think
about it. 
My earliest and fondest
are seeing my Mom bustling
the tiny kitchen preparing
the evening meal, 
the aromas filling the
and the warm glow from the
wood burning stove 
as she stoked the fire. 

There was the ginormous metal
kettle sitting atop 
one of the hot plates,
supplying constant hot water,  
the big galvanized tub we
bathed in, and
the galvanized pail that kept
the clean water. 
We had a scoop we used to
fill with 
clean water to rinse away the
soap suds. 

Our metal kitchen table had a
formica top 
in blue, where I loved to sit
have my peanut butter
sandwich in the afternoon. 
The formica kitchen dresser
with its 
colour blocks in blue and
had a built in clock that
never said the right time. 
There was a cheerful 'skirt'
hiding the pots and pans 
that my mom stored below the sink. 
It wasn't really a
it was just an open area 
with a slatted wood shelf to pack
things on.

I remember my eldest sister
frying Vetkoek 
in a pan on the primus
We used to fill it with
apricot, strawberry jelly 
or curried mince. Go to 
to read about this delicacy. 

Dad sat in his favourite
reading his newspaper and
to the little battery
operated, portable radio. 
Much later he got us one of
those radiograms 
that could play LP's as well. 
My mom loved nature and we
had a dog, 
chickens, a fig tree, and a
mulberry tree 
and I think a few stray cats
as well.
As the years passed, things got better. 
The big insurance and oil
started looking for ways to
their staff become home

That's how we got to move
into a bigger house 
with hot water and
but I missed the tiny little
house on that dusty street, 
with its cheerful
mismatched furniture, 
fig tree and its heavy cast
iron wood burning stove.


I truly hope you enjoyed meeting Sumaya.
You may never get to visit South Africa,
but I do hope you’ll take a moment
to visit her “home” in Blogland.
You won’t even get jet lag and
I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to “meet” you.

It IS a small world after all.

God Bless,

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  1. Oh I am heading straight over to her blog after work today!!! What a beautiful story she has — her pictures are beautiful as are her creations! Thank you for featuring and introducing her. I don’t even own a passport! My one daughter just spent 5 months studying in India; My other daughter is in Spain studying right now; My husband just got back from a missions trip to Hungary . . . some day, it will be my turn but for now, I’m with you! I love reading blogs from other countries!

  2. What a lovely memories of growing up in the simplest of situations and they are always the best. Love your redo’s too. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories. xx

  3. I meet Sumaya sometime back through my Etsy…she was repurposing back then! I have been to Cape Town and visited the District 66…with it’s terrible history. Wish I had met Sumaya when I was there but we did hook up after I got home. Heading to her blog….thanks for the lovely introduction.

  4. Angie, I am touched in the way you are telling my story. Told in such a warm and heartfelt way. Thank you so much and God Bless you!!!!

  5. amazing story…thanks for the introduction. I’m on my way to her “house” now to visit some more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love your story Aunty Sumaya. Sounds like stories my parents would tell us of years gone by. It’s so lovely that you can put it in words the way you have. Congratulations and all the best with your future blogging. Anisah – The Party Shop.

  7. I have known Sumaya through Etsy for several years too and she is a BEAUTIFUL person who creates BEAUTIFUL things..great story, I can picture everyone and everything so vidily..happy to see her featured here..great job..and Sumaya..LOVE your work

    patti from

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