A New Friend & a Washi Tape Winner

It always amazes me how the blogging world
can connect people together who may never
meet in “real” life, and it’s a special treat
when you actually get to meet one of your blogging friends.
If you’ll recall, the winner of the beautiful 
necklace from Ambivalent Relics a few weeks
She lives about 15 minutes from me,
so we were able to connect yesterday so I could give
her prize to her and she welcomed me into her home for a visit.

Her blog, “Forever Decorating” is aptly named, 
because she has poured so much love, time & attention to detail
into her home and yard, that I think you could see it 10 times
and still find so many details you missed the other times.
She truly has an amazing talent for creating “scenes”
that capture your attention and make you want to
see what else there is to discover and she has
a green thumb that has turned her yard into an oasis of beauty.
I didn’t take nearly enough photos and I was borrowing
my daughter’s camera and didn’t have the settings right,
so some of what I took were blurry, but here are just a few shots I took.
She has many of these antique columns throughout her home and yard.
They are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  I didn’t get a photo of it,
but she has a pair of them that flank the sides of her fireplace 
that have globes on top of them, which came from a Masonic Lodge – a rare find.
I love how she “framed” this trio of antique baby shoes.
Too bad my fuzzy photo doesn’t do them justice – they are precious.
Aren’t these antique hangers with “instructions” wonderful?
She sent me home with a sweet smelling
gift of her homegrown lavender wrapped
in a page of antique sheet music – thank you, Terry!
Drop in and say “hello”, if you haven’t met Terry before.
You’ll be able to see so much more of her
beautiful home and all the inspiring projects she’s created.
The next giveaway I hosted was from
Discount Charms for 6 rolls of Washi Tape
that the winner will be able to select.
That winner is SJ @ Homemaker on a Dime.
I’m very happy for her because every week she
hosts a link party specifically for shops & giveaways. 
I linked up the Washi Tape giveaway at the party, she saw
it and came over to enter and won!  Congratulations SJ!!
Be sure to pay her a visit each Tuesday
to see all the shops and giveaways at the party.
Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone!
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  1. What fun. Im going right now to visit BOTH of these blogs. Thanks Angie for sharing their blogs with us.

  2. good for you and Terry meeting each other . I have only met one blogger and he didn’t seem that excited as I was to meet him and his wonderful house . Oh wait a minute I met a gal out in Oregon once who is a blogger, I have her blog on my side bar and she was wonderful, she makes dolls

  3. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger in real life, too. I’m so glad you captured some of Terry’s beautiful home and garden. Thanks for treating us to a little peek of Forever Decorating at Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  4. Congratulations to Terry. Isn’t it so much fun to meet blogging friends?

  5. Angie…even though I hate pictures of myself, I had a great time with you that was all too short and with many interruptions. However, we have plans to meet again soon don’t we? Until then…still wearing my watch necklace, Terry

  6. How lucky that you lived close. I often look up city’s just to see how far away they are and if it is feasible to meet up with a blogger friend but so far no luck. Meeting at a restaurant for a coffee and chat would be so much fun.

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