Chippy Paint and Distressed Metal

I love chippy paint and distressed surfaces.
Old metal that shows lots of wear normally
is very endearing to me.

Occasionally, there are exceptions though.
There is nothing endearing about chippy paint
and distressed metal when it’s on your vehicle.

Two of my kids borrowed my SUV to go to a movie
and shortly after they left our house, the hood
of the car flew up and smashed the windshield and bent
the heck out of the hood.

Fortunately, my son was still
able to drive back home safely with it,
and I’m so glad they weren’t on the busier
road yet when it happened.

God is good…all the time.

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  1. So sorry about your vehicle, but glad everyone is OK

  2. OH MY! This reminds me of the time our son rear-ended someone just a week after getting his license. The hood and grill looked ‘wonky’ all of the years he drove it and then passed it on to our daughters. Scary stuff — glad everyone is okay!

  3. How frightening! I’m glad to know the only injury was to your SUV.

  4. Oh my goodness–thank God nobody was hurt! SUV’s are easier to fix then people:)

  5. Thanks goodness everyone is safe!!

  6. Yikes!


  7. Oh! Thank goodness your two kids were able to drive back safely. This kind of car, according to national highway traffic safety administration is three times more likely to cause accidents because it rolls over easily. And because of its heaviness, the driver has less ability to quickly maneuver out of a possible accident. So, I suggest that the driver to be always reminded to drive safely and moderately.

    Clint Moore

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