{Get the Look} – Relique Bicycle Seat on Stand

The inspiration for today’s “Get the Look” project came from
Relique.com, who sells a set of 5 Bicycle Seats on Stands for $659…OUCH!
Their price tag gives me heart palpitations, but
I can spend a ridiculous amount of time on their website.
They carry some seriously interesting stuff.
While 5 of them do look interesting grouped together,
I don’t have 5, but I did already have this 1 rusty, old bicycle seat.
Old Rusty Bicycle Seat
Looking through my stash of junque (it doesn’t sound like
trash if you don’t spell it “junk”, does it?),
I had this cast iron wheel from an antique lawn mower.
It’s a little larger than the base Relique used, but I’m okay with that.
(I sell these in my shop, so I have 3 of them.)
Antique Cast Iron Wheel - Urban Industrial - 3 Available
I scrounged around a little more to find a part to
use for the stand and came up with this piece.
 So here’s my version…
I’m happy with my version and may try to
create more of these in the future if I get more old bike seats.
Start scrounging through your “junque” and
I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at what all you can create with it!
God Bless,
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  1. I love it Angie. What a clever use for old junque. I guess I have one more thing to add to my “focus” list.

  2. Looks even better than the one that were your inspiration .

  3. WOW! This is so cool! I love the creativity. Great “knockoff”!

  4. Yours looks just as good as theirs does and even better because it was made in America with American ingenuity! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  5. How fun is that? Love it 🙂 Laurel

  6. Love it! And you can use it as extra seating for the guest that you don’t want hanging around too long. It’s going to be a fun conversation piece!

  7. Personally I like yours best! It has more character and visual interest. Sorry, just the truth! Can’t wait until you find more Junquetts to transform 😉

  8. Me too, LOVE your version…much better than Reliques cos it shouts ‘ Handmade with love’

    Well done:)

  9. Love your quirky bike seat. It is a piece of folk art, for sure. thanks for sharing the idea!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  10. Right up there with the rest! Adorable!

  11. Your version is fantastic…
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love this. I am always amazed when people can make gorgeous art out of pieces that may have been overlooked.

  13. how clever Angie !!! Love it.
    Thanks for the new graphics. You do good work on those.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  14. Who would of thought this would look so great? I will be on the lookout for the parts to do this now.

  15. I love your version!!

    Happy to be your newest follower 🙂 Found you through the blog hop!

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog!!

    xo, Jersey Girl


  16. My goodness…this is one awesome idea…LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing at NTT.


  17. Your version is amazing to look at; it outdoes the original in many ways.

  18. So fun! I’d love for you to link this up as well at Ta-Da Tuesday 🙂 check it out HERE !

  19. I love vintage finds as home decor. These all look A-mazing! I am your newest follower.. and I would just adore it if you would share with my Pink Hippo Party @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2012/06/pink-hippo-party-82.html
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  20. so if my math is right, you should be insuring this for about $125? I like the way this looks. Rust is my favorite color. Thanks again for partying with us!

  21. Wow, you just went for it and nailed it. So fun to see what you came up with! Your one is kind of more intriguing than their group of five. Way to go!

  22. I LOVE this project, Angie. Yours looks just as good as the Relique one. Thanks for linking up to Hot Fun in the Summer.

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