Mom, you said that already

My kids frequently let me know that I repeat
things I’ve already said.  I’m sure that’s true,
but I also know they only listen half the 
time, so what can I do but repeat everything?
I’m telling you this to warn you that
there is a good possibility I’m repeating
myself to you today…but I’m not sure…so pretend
you’re hearing it for the first time and humor me, okay?
I am certain I’ve told you all about the 
wood and windows that came from a demolished
courthouse that I bought at an auction last year.
I also know I told you we used 1 of the 18 windows
as part of the new wall between our kitchen and living room.
I know for a fact I told you about using the
pallet of wood from the courthouse to remodel our
bathroom walls, because the picture of it is on my sidebar.
What I don’t know is if I’ve showed you some
of the projects I’ve used the leftover wood on.
I’m pretty sure I haven’t shown you the
most recent project, so I’ll show you that first.
I made this little clipboard-hook-wall shelf
from the unpainted, back side of one piece of wood.
I attached on old spring clip on top, put an
antique ledger page and receipt in the middle
and attached an old door mechanism for the little shelf,
then added an antique date nail at the bottom.
It works well to hang in an entryway, where
a key ring can hang on the nail, a notepad can
go on the clip and a clock or photo can go on the shelf.
I’ve used the painted sides of some pieces on these two wall hooks.
RESERVED FOR fleasantiques - Antique Salvage Coat Rack
The handle on this one came off of one of the windows.
Antique Salvage Coat Rack
Well, I hope I haven’t been repeating myself again.
I’m off for a crazy long day of helping one of my sons
set up for a farmer’s market and attending a graduation.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Great post:) My kids always say I repeat myself too.

  2. Angie, if you did repeat, your stuff is so doggone cute it would be a pleasure to see it again! And a reminder that I wanted to do, buy or try that but forgot the first time I saw it. LOL Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and keep posting (repeats o.k. sometimes)

  3. I don’t recall you showing those items before, but if you did, it was well seeing again. You repurposed the wood beautifully.

  4. I think I need to make myself one of those clipboards for a small calendar, because I KNOW I’ve been late sending birthday cards out. The little shelf for a clock is a great idea! And I love all that chippy green beadboard. Have a great weekend!

  5. ha ha ha ! …you only listen half the time, so what can I do but repeat everything…

    As always, I love your projects, but today–Wow! today, I left here with ammunition! My kids tell me the same “Mom, you told me that already.” …I feel so empowered by this post!

    thank you,
    and in case you weren’t listening, thank you!


  6. LOL — I’m so paranoid about repeating myself, I almost always preface a story with “now if I’ve already told you this — please tell me”! Love what you’ve done with these pieces of wood (I have not seen them!) — especially that shelf –fantastic!

  7. I love your little clip shelf. I have the stuff to do that, but, will I ever get one done?? who knows.
    enjoy my visits here, just do not leave comments often. can look around more that way. =)


    PS Have not been able to do KOTT for a bit. busy, sick, but will be back. =)

  8. Angie, that wall with the wood and the clock and the pages all over it is fantastic. You just always have something great to show us.

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