This is Gonna Hurt a Little

If the kitchen is the heart of the home,
my kitchen is desperately in need of CPR.
Our kitchen is needs work – no two ways about it.
Sadly, things often have to get worse before they get better.
Here’s how it looked before we moved in.
My husband is tearing out this section of the room.
It’s kind of like getting a bad tooth pulled – you know you’ll feel better when it’s done,
but it stinks while you’re going through it.
Our plan is to take out the window, which is very small,
and replace it with 2 windows that will
form a corner window, to open
up the view outdoors and bring more light into the room.
These old pine cabinets are being removed.
And then there’s the walls.
There were 2 layers of wallboard he needed to tear out.
Well, now we are down to the studs and insulation.
And then there’s the floor.  There are 3 layers of linoleum sandwiched between 3 layers of wood underlay.
Stay tuned for the next update!
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  1. Can’t wait to see the after. Boy, that’s not a fun job.

  2. Angie,
    That is quite a job you two have.I know you have a vision.And when it is all done it will be beautiful.A diamond in the rough.I have a kitchen job I am working on.But no demo here.

  3. Wow and wow again! BUT . . . being the owner of an extremely ugly, tiny, outdated kitchen myself, I am envious that you are able to undertake this mission! We’d have to hire someone and can’t afford that! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for this! Keep us updated!

  4. Won’t you be happy when every last trace of your old kitchen is gone and you can start anew?! I just hate surprises when ripping out the old. It usually means more money on repairs that weren’t in the plan. Arrgh.

    I’m sure your new kitchen will be full of charm. I can hardly wait to see the plan!

  5. We did the kitchen remodel too. Hubby did it all. A nightmare to live through, but so worth it when you have a new gorgeous kitchen. You’ll get there!


  7. Wow…a total tear out…now you can do anything you want! I know it will be great!!

  8. Can’t wait to see it when it is done:)!

  9. Just think how fabulous it will be after its all done! You’re lucky that you have a husband who can do this. Mine….well he’s great at computers and numbers but….lets just leave it at that. Anyway, I’d love to see progress photos.

  10. You are blessed in so many ways. 1) you married a man quite capable of doing this work; 2) you are so imaginative, that you can turn trash into treasure and this kitchen will be a one of a kind; 3) you both are not scared of a bit of tear down and rebuild; and you have vision! So many, many people do not have any of these. I saw the leg of what looked like a cool old green stove so I am anxious to see the outcome of this project!

  11. O my. Bless your heart! That does look very ‘painful’. I’ll be watching for prettier pictures. 🙂

  12. Hey, at least you have not lost your sense of humor. I know your vision is so worth the ugly of now. Can’t wait to see it…

  13. No need to worry, I think the heart of the home is the wife and mother–you seem to bring life, joy, and coziness to your home. I did see a log cabin! 🙂

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