Antique Graphics Wednesday – Grocery Store Price Tags and Receipt

Today we’re taking a trip to the grocery store of yesterday for Antique Graphics Wednesday with some antique price tags.

I’m including quite a few of these so you’ll have lots of numbers to choose from.

Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |
Printable Antique Price Tags |

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  1. Hi Angie, I’m so happy that I came over from Pieced Pasttimes because your very cool industrial candle holder had caught my eye. I wouldn’t have been able to leave that great rusty piece behind as well. Using it to create a candle holder was an awesome idea.
    Thank you so much for the lovely price tags and the great raven graphic! I’m sure I’ll use them soon in some of my creations.

  2. Wonderful graphics. I just purchased some like these from an Etsy shop and will be using these also!!

  3. You find the coolest graphics to share! The receipts remind me of my father-in-law’s hardware store that he owned for 40 years. It was the old fashion kind with creaky wooden floors. He has passed away but we have saved different pieces of memories from the store.Viewing your photos today just allowed me to take a trip down memory lane. And yes he also had people who would ” run a tab” at the store.

  4. Angie ~ love the receipt and numbers!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Great vintage graphics! I love the one with 4-1/2 cents!!!

  6. 4 1/2 cents!!! LOVE It! love the cora story too. wonderful wonderful!

  7. Love the vintage font and bright red of the grocery store tags!

  8. Awesome receipt!! Don’t you love those prices?

  9. Just saw these on Pinterest, you are so kind to share. These items are very difficult to come by and will be cherished by me. Thanks again, Marilyn.

  10. Thanks Angie! I am working on a window using a hymn that I got from you. Wonder how they got the 4 1/2 cents?

  11. Oh boy…I had these copied in about 3 seconds. Thank goodness for computers….not too long ago I would have had more pieces of paper to manage! LOL Those are so interesting and cute! LOVE!

  12. Love these!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  13. I love the “old days”…even if it was before I was even born…

  14. Let me try that again with spell check. I doant spel gud withowt it…

    Wow, these are glorious graphics. Thank you so much. I might print one out to put in a Mad hatter’s Hat

  15. Love those price tags!!! The receipts are pretty cool too.

  16. A very good vintage sharing today.

  17. Hi Angie, love the price tags! Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. Hi Angie, What a fun post for Vintage Thursday. I know you had fun with these price tags and clip boards. The old receipt finds always give your imagination a boost. Smile.
    xo, Jeanne

  19. I love vintage paper, thanks so much for sharing those graphics with us! Such a fun idea to use the receipts to decorate your workspace.

    Happy VTT!

  20. You are such a dear for offering these to us! (No, I’m not 95, I’m just feeling the good old days after having looked at all these great tags and clara’s receipt.) Thanks for sharing. I’m thrilled with them. Can’t wait to figure out what I might do with them. Sweet!

  21. Incredible to think you could once buy something for 41/2 cents!
    What fun!
    Visiting from VTT
    ~ L.Grace

  22. These are so cool! Especially the half cent. What a unique piece. I love the way you have it displayed.

  23. Thanks so much for your kindness in sharing all these great graphics!

  24. Came over from Overflowing. I missed out on a box of these on eBay recently. Thanks for sharing these. I have been looking for some for an art piece.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  25. LOVE those clips!!!
    thanks for the graphics too


  26. The price tags are way cute!

  27. Thanks, Angie. The price tags are wonderful.

  28. These are so great…I will be using them in my house!!! Thanks for sharing…I’m featuring you today! XO, Aimee

  29. Thanks so much for sharing these. They are really wonderful!

  30. I just pinned four things from one post, I think that is a record.


  31. Thank you for these printable numbers. They are just what I needed for my updated laundry room project. In the midst of painting right now but WILL come back to browse your site – I know you will have more goodies I can use!

  32. These are what I need for a garage sale! Yep, that magazine is 14 cents.

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