Writing My Name On It

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a
“Writing My Name on It” blog post.
Like Andy writing his name on the bottom of Woody’s boot
in Toy Story, here are the things I’m claiming as
keepers that you won’t find in the Knick of Time shop.
My favorite recent find is this antique telephone.
I’ve been wanting one for awhile, but have never felt comfortable spending $20 – $30
 on one, but I scored this one for $10 last week.
 This Falcon Miniature camera only set me back $2.50.
I found it at an antique store marked 75% off the $10 price tag.
These were made in the late 30’s by the Utility Mfg. Co.
and sold for around $1.80 – $3.50. 
I’m not a huge camera collector, but if I come across a bargain, I snatch them up.  
Here it is displayed with a few others I’ve gotten at reasonable prices.

Have you “written your name” on anything recently?
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  1. Love that telephone….what a bargain! We had some luck this weekend with plenty of things to write our names on….we just have to decide what we will keep and what we will put into the store 🙂

  2. Very neat items. I love them all the camera and the phone are really cool.


  3. Funny you would say that! Literally I have been writing names on the treasures I have been given from my parents recently… Items were a old camera,locker basket, clocks, linens, flags, bottles, silverware, etc… I want to always remember where they came from… Not a huge camera collector either. However I love the one I got from my dad. Enjoy your day! Love your blog..

  4. My problem is that I’m writing my name on EVERYTHING! lol ~ Maureen

  5. Helloooo Angie…
    Thanks for stopping by my BLOG!*!*! and Soooo glad I did yours!!! I’m now following along…
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  6. OH, I love these finds…especially that phone! Your vignette is wonderful, too!

  7. I’m having a serious case of phone envy. Does it work? Will you put anything in the little circle in the middle? Enjoy.

  8. Girl, I’d be writing my name all over that phone, but you scored her first! Lucky Gal!

  9. Angie, I AM a serious camera collector and l love the Falcon Miniature you picked up. Excellent price. I have a couple of them, but none with the case. I’m so envious.

  10. Angie,
    Now that I have a space it is hard to bring things in.But I am trying to sell so off to the shop it goes.But lately I have been dreaming about a few pieces I have at my space that I may have to take home and enjoy for a bit LOL.
    Love that old phone.Great price too!

  11. I adore the phone! Like you, I’ve seen several that were way out of my price range. As a matter of fact, I have a pink one that the owner of my store has let me borrow to keep in my pink room. She says she will sell for no less than $125. Can you believe???? Love your finds and the way you pull them together!

  12. Love the phone- I would definitely buy one of those!

  13. Great bargain on the phone. I’ve been on the search for old phones too, I’ve purchased two so far. We like to find them still in working order and so far the two that we have do. Found another one last week but it didn’t work so had to pass on it. But that’s the first thing I ask about when I go to an antique store is if they have any old phones. You should hear our house when the phone rings~nice and loud. My hubby says it sounds like a fire station.

  14. I have a house full of treasures that “have my name written on them!” ha! Sometimes I live with them for awhile, and then put them for sale in my booth! And some things never leave! 🙂 The phone and camera are great pieces! I can see why you held onto them!

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