Antique Graphic Pillows

Every week I share antique images and graphics with you,
but I rarely get around to actually doing anything with them
myself, so I asked my mom if she would
sew some pillow covers that I could add some images to.
(Thanks, Mom!)
It was fun looking through the images I’ve posted and

selecting a few of my favorites.

I don’t recommend using regular iron-on transfer paper like you get
at craft stores.  I experimented with it before putting any
images on the pillow covers and was NOT happy with the results.
Several pages got stuck in my printer and the transferred image
changed from the original color and it looked like an image
cut out and pasted on the pillow.
I’d read wonderful things about Transfer Artist Paper (affiliate link),
so I decided to order some to try and the results
turned out SO much better.  The great thing about TAP
is that not only can you use it on fabric, but you can use it
on paper, wood, glass, metal, canvas, etc.  It doesn’t give the fabric
a discolored look and it is totally transparent.  You can’t see any line
where the transfer is.  It does feel slightly slick, but not annoyingly so.
I also didn’t have any problems printing on the paper.
I’ve only tried it on fabric, but I’m looking forward to
using it on other surfaces as well.  I was not paid to
review this product, I’m just sharing it because I think
you’ll love it too.  It’s a little more expensive than regular
iron-on transfer paper, but is well worth it and produces
a much nicer image.
Just remember…rotate your image before you print!
I forgot to do it on this one, so the writing on the typewriter is backwards.

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  1. Love your pillows, Angie. The TAP is on my list to find.

  2. These are just what I love! I want to make pillow covers so that I can use my existing throw pillows. I haven’t been brave enough to try the transfers yet!



  4. I have never tried this but I am always empressed with how some gals do this
    I don’t think I have a reverse print is why I haven’t done it maybe I just don’t know what i’m talking about

    the pillows are wonderful love the typewriter and the green wagon print

  5. LOVE the clock idea! Totally love the way your pillows turned out. I look forward to trying it myself! Thanks for the tip!!

  6. Cool! Love the wagon on the pillow.

  7. Good job, love the wagon pillow, you could probably sell these on Etsy or maybe you already do.

  8. Hi Angie … just love these new graphics. They look great on your pillows. You have given me some ideas. I need to make time to be creative and use some of them. Love the fruit ones you did too. You are so kind to offer these to the bloggers.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  9. I haven’t tried that transfer paper but may give it a go. It’s easy to rotate images on Picmonkey. It’s about time you got to use some of your great images! ~ Maureen

  10. Thanks for the info and recommendation, Angie. It is always nice to hear how something REALLY works for other crafters- Your pillows are beautiful!!! xo Diana

  11. Cute pillows! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Clock images would be perfect for your pillows, and I suggest putting Knick of Time under the clock images on your pillows. Just seems right! Thanks for always writing a wonderful blog. Nancy Carr, Vieques, Puerto Rico

  13. Love your pillows they are great!


  14. Angie, thanks for sharing this! I absolutely LOVE the typewriter image. I am going to HAVE to try that on a t-shirt for Mr. Wonderful, the writer. Can you share a link to where I can purchase the TAP, please?

  15. Thank you for the transfer tips for your lovely pillows, Angie–I’d love to try this project!

  16. @Curtainsinmytree — I reverse my images by going into my computer & adjusting my printer with “mirror image”

    I found that paper on Amazon & put it on my wishlist..It is expensive, but now knowing that you can use it on other things, besides fabric has me sold!!

    Thanks Angie for sharing again, again & again!!

    Karen K from Buffalo, New York

  17. Your pillows are so neat! Can you get the TaP paper in hobby/craft stores? I love hte wagon print. Would you share it with us, please?
    Rita at

  18. What a great mom! I think clocks would be great. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  19. I love the clear sharp images you’ve transferred to your pillows. They look like genuine old feedsacks!

  20. Love that pillows…..and the chair to 🙂
    and do not miss……




    it is FUN 🙂
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  21. These are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. I want to give this a try!

  22. beautiful and love the chair too

    would love it if you could share this on my linky party Serenity Saturday, that runs from sat-thurs @

    Natasha xx

  23. I have used TAP on fabric and the result was great. Unfortunately when I tried it on a painted piece, it pulled all the paint off, but it’s possible I did something wrong, so I’m definitely going to try again.
    Your pillows look lovely !

  24. These pillows are perfect! Sweet mom! I’m thinking clock…definitely! Thanks for sharing at It’s Overflowing!

    XO, Aimee

  25. the pillows are adorable! I’ve not heard of this or used it. I’ll have to remember it.


  26. thanks for sharing..

  27. Love your pillow very much

    Thanks for sharing

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