Antique Graphics Wednesday – 1912 Violins and Victrola Advertisements

All of the images I’m sharing come from some 1912 and 1915
Etude magazines, which was a magazine for singers and musicians.

I love this image showing a row of violins.

Here’s the entire ad it came from.

Here’s just the graphic of the violin.
I’ve always love the advertisements for the Victrola.
The little dog logo is so cute.  I’ve posted a different image
of this dog from another Etude magazine HERE.

Check out the rest of the images I’ve posted in previous weeks

by clicking on the tab “Antique Graphics to Print”, located under my header.
I’ll be sharing at these parties this week:
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  1. Well let me be the first to say many THANK YOU’s ANGIE!! I know, you were thinking of me the whole time you were doing this post…I just know it…I’m not selfish or anything, but how could you NOT think of me when you were doing a post about VIOLINS!!! Oh I’m in hog heaven now.
    NOW< what on earth can I make with these? OH>>>I must frame them for one….
    then a few pillows for the bed…and then I could use them as a wallpaper of sorts and even as card fronts…oh my mind is spinning with what all I can do with these.
    Thanks so much for the lovelies!
    Teehee…hope you know I was just kiddin!!

  2. Oh, Angie, I love these. I have an old violin I want to paint so I’m pinning your graphics so I can copy them. Just the inspiration I needed!

  3. Great graphics again, Angie! Thank you very much!

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