Buying Time

Thanks so much for letting me cry on your shoulders yesterday,
about my oldest son moving into the dorm at college.
During another of my teary-eyed spells before he left, he gave me
a hug and said, “Why do I get the feeling I’m the only adult in this room?”
He knows how to humor me.
It seems fitting in my struggle against how quickly time is passing,
that I won a box full of old, non-working travel clocks at the auction last week.
If only it really was so easy to buy some time or slow time down!  
I’ve been asked several times if I have any clocks for sale at
Knick of Time on Etsy, but you’ll rarely find any there,
because they all get added to my personal collection.  Sorry!
I also bought this fabulous, large tool drawer unit at the auction.  
I wish I had a place I could use the whole unit in my house, 
but I don’t, so I’m keeping a few drawers
for myself and the rest are being sold in sets of 2 in my shop.
Since it’s the last week of August, it’s time for a special discount code
good on anything at Knick of Time on Etsy.  Use the code
ENDOFAUGUST for 20% off – good through August 31st.
Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you later this evening
for the Knick of Time Tuesday party.
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  1. it does happen fast..they are grown before we know it! thought i’d die of a broken heart when my son moved out the first time..we raise our kids hoping we’ve done a good job,to be strong and self sufficient…i did,he was,but i was delighted when he moved back a few years later! he moved out a few months back..i miss his voice,i miss him. my daughter hasn’t moved out..she had 3 kids and they are all here! if my son moved home tomorrow..i’d be delighted!
    maybe i need to “grow up and away” !!!

  2. …or maybe just a bigger house!! LOL !

  3. your post yesterday put tears in my eyes because i could really feel your sad heart. i haven’t been able to have kids so going back to school time when i see all the families so proud of their babies really tugs at my heartstrings because i know i’ll never get to experience that. sounds like you’ve raised a wonderful son who knew just what to say at the right time to his mama!

    loving that drawer unit! clocks are a fun thing to collect!


  4. Love those metal drawers!

    Your posts about your son are so poignant, Angie. They bring back memories of when we took our youngest son to college seven hours away. That was nearly the most difficult thing I’ve had to do. The absolute worst was this spring, after he’d received his master’s degree, when we saw him off to his first job in Texas–12 hours away! I still miss him immensely. But, as he did throughout six years of college, he still calls me nearly every day.

    Your son seems so sweet. Enjoy having him so close. It’s not like having him at home. But, he’s close enough that you can get a “fix” now and then.

  5. You have gotten me addicted to clocks. I have a project in mind but I’m still collecting the perfect pieces. I drool when I see what you do. 🙂 I’ve nominated you for the “one lovely blog” award. 🙂

  6. I love your collection of clocks, in fact it has inspired me to start my own, I have 5 now and am looking for more!

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