I Can Handle It

I’ve got a bit of a fetish for old wooden tool handles
and have fun finding ways to use & display them.
Some of the small ones end up in potted plants.
A green plant makes a nice contrast to the wood handles.

I love this ice pick with advertising from an old, local ice company.

This tool has a curved blade on it and was from
a fruit and produce company.

The most unusual handles in my home are 2 that came off
of antique push lawn mowers that hang above two of my kitchen windows.
I contemplated turning them into towel bars in the laundry/bathroom
we are getting ready to remodel, but decided to use them as window decor instead.

 I love the different shapes and sizes and colors of old tool handles.
I know the handles you see on tools today are sturdier than wooden
handles, but I doubt they’ll end up as decor when they are worn out.
These old beauties, on the other hand, are practically works of art
once they are no longer useful as tools.

Anybody else out there crazy about old handles?
If so, how do you use yours?

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  1. I love the look of them.
    I especially love the ‘feel’ of them…when you find a tool that still has some life left in it.
    When you pick up a screw driver that is worn smooth for the oil off someones hands and it has the perfect patina to it…and still has a flat head on that can loosen any screw with just the right amount of pressure.
    I always look at them and wonder…who used them? A carpenter? A shade tree mechanic? …a Dad and his son, removing the training wheels off of the first bike?

    I never EV.ER. thought to put them on display!
    I leave that sort of stuff to you…then I come along and copy you (as a form of flattery, you know?) Pat 😉

  2. I agree with the Other Pat:)… who would have thought to put wooden-handled tools to decorative use but you?!

    But I have to disagree with you, Angie; I think that old tools, splintered wood and all, have held up longer than their modern counterparts ever will. So there.: P


  3. Angie,
    Love your collection.I love anything that catches my fancy.If I came across these I would surely pick em up!

  4. I love old handles and have a few but not nearly the collection you do. I love the old mower handle. I have one of those old mowers that I putz with once in a while-Love it over your window~ xo Diana

  5. I am always on the lookout for old wooden tool handles. I use them as toppers or stoppers in my altered bottles. I must say that I am envious of your collection!

  6. What a clever use for these old beauties. I love the graphics and advertising and these old handles…so much charm that you just don’t see in the new stuff.

  7. The push mower handle over the door post is the most unique use of a ‘handle’ ever! Great thinkin’ Lincoln!

  8. You have the most interesting collections! I would never have thought of this. I’ll never look at an old wood handle the same again!

  9. I love old tools and old handles, but so far I haven’t used them for anything. Just collected them. 🙂

  10. Well, I’ll be looking at tools in a whole new way now!

  11. What great ideas for old tools! I found an old lawn mower handle just last week, and I had to have it! Now, I have some ideas what to do with it. Have a great weekend, Jean

  12. I should have read this yesterday I would of come home with all sorts of handles. Because now I need then ‘ya know.


  13. Love your handles There’s nothing like old wooden handles. Great displays 🙂

  14. I love the old, wood handled tool too, and so does my husband! We actually fight (well, bicker) over who gets them when we find them at estate sales! I never thought of displaying them but, you are right, they are so beautiful, especially when you find them with different colored handles, I think I will find ways to admire them in places other than the shop now!

  15. oh yea. I love old tools too, great idea for them….wish mine had cool writing like yours…..maybe I can figure out way to do that.

    blessings and thanks

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