Passing it Down | Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Stove

I love finding my own vintage and antique treasures
for my home, but there’s something even more special about
an item that was “passed down” to you from family.
This antique cook stove was given to me by my in-laws.
It belonged to my husband’s grandmother, and was passed down to my father-in-law.
At one time, they had it in their kitchen, but when they did some rearranging, they no
longer had room for it and moved it to their garage, where it stayed for
several years.  When we went home (to NM) for a visit several
years ago, they sent it back with us.   Although it hasn’t been used for
cooking for many years, it holds my husband’s coffee maker on the cook top
and I keep my crock pot inside the oven.
My roll-top desk in my  belonged to my mother, who got it from her
brother.  I’ve always loved it and my mom gave it to me about 10 years ago.
I hope one of my children will want these 2 valued possessions
and I can pass them down to one of them someday.
What are your favorite “passed down”, treasured things that
you hope will remain in your family for many more generations to come?

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  1. Ok Angie~
    Now this…I LOVE! I’ve seen people with old stoves in their homes. Stoves that they are clearly NOT COOKING on; and I wondered, “why?”
    That is an awfully large object to have in your home…just for display.
    But this… This is a wonderful Coffee Station and a very clever APPLIANCE GARAGE! (who has those,really?) Not me. I love that you have it set up to function as a coffee station. It’s functional.
    I was wondering about a lamp maybe, but see that there is a plug. Does this mean that there is a lamp on this stove that works? That would make it a what?
    A Coffee-Station, Appliance Garage with interior lighting!

    …oh wait, that is the plug for the coffee maker.
    Well, it’s still functional, and I love it. Pat

  2. That little cooker is the most gorgeous thing! Lucky you!

  3. I have an old washstand, that was my grandparents as well as a desk made by my great grandfather. I am the keeper of the family Christening robe that is over 100 years old (currently on loan to a cousin for her grandson) as well as some other bits of crockery and such. I always said that if my house burnt down I would not grieve over my possessions that were lost but I would grieve over my grandparents treasures!

  4. Wow!!!! What. Wonderful piece of history!! I am all about family things so this just speaks to me. If I had room, I would have my grandmother’s in my kitchen, but it is too small. Yours is beautiful!!

  5. Such a cool stove and I don’t think I have seen one so tiny. I used to have one in my first marriage/first home that I didn’t appreciate and wish I had now! Love how you use yours…so based on this, are you close to sharing your kitchen?

  6. Boha! This is a one of a kind stove! How awesome!

  7. What a pretty stove. I have never seen one in color. I bet my aunt’s old white stove is still in her house across the river from you. No one lives there now. Since I live so far away with an ocean between us I only have smaller things from my family which I cherish and are filled with wonderful memories. Thanks for a great blog. Nancy Carr, Vieques, Puerto Rico

  8. It’s a great stove and how neat it is that it’s a family piece.

  9. It is a very neat addition. I love the fact that it is a family piece!


  10. I love that stove….we have several heirlooms that are being passed down. no better way to keep close family ties.

  11. Hi Angie: What a wonderful cookstove–I love the green color and the lettering on the front door. I also love the rolltop desk. I want to get one for my husband and redo it for his office area, but don’t have one yet. Thank you for sharing these wonderful family heirlooms with us today–they are both lovely!

  12. what a great addition! and the color is so beautiful! looks great!!!!

  13. I love that stove. I’ve always wanted one to use as a side table on the porch. 🙂

  14. The stove is really cool! Love the color. I hope my children develop some love of antiques before I have to pass mine on because now they are pretty contemporary!

  15. Awesome heirlooms, Angie! My favourite things are also from family members. Things mean so much more when they come from loved ones! ~Pernilla

  16. nancy turner says

    i have a green and cream stove that is part wood and part early gas. my grand son bought it for me.however we have many family passed down things .my grand mother step back cupboard which her father made for her as a wedding gift in DEC.of 1898.also have my husband grandparents 7 day kitchen clock.his mothers wash stand and a picture painted on velvet.and many more special things.

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