A Theme for Thursday {stencil it!}

Nothing was safe from getting stenciled this week.
I picked up a few new sets of stencils and
couldn’t resist putting words on anything that couldn’t escape me.
I started off stenciling pages for the “GIVE THANKS” banner I
showed you HERE (and you can print the pages).
Available in the shop to purchase HERE.
Next, I thought I’d “LIVE LIFE” on the industrial side
by painting a few old metal drawers.
Available in the shop HERE.

This one is sure to bring some “JOY”
for the Christmas season.
It was obvious that a very tattered old Bible, missing the entire book
of Genesis and some other pages as well, was
a real source of “HOPE” for whoever owned and read it so much.

Old books without their covers…perfect to
“WELCOME HOME” loved ones.

And I was having fun, so I made another one…
Available in the shop HERE.

 and another one.
Available in the shop HERE.

And I thought this rusty, old toolbox would
look right at “HOME” in an autumn display.
Available in the shop HERE.

My son’s dog was sleeping next to me while I was
working on these projects, and I was tempted to
stencil “lazy beast” on his side, but instead
I let him “DREAM” in peace, and
stenciled on a wooden clothes hanger instead.

And you can’t make just one of something,
so my “FAMILY” inspired another one.
Available in the shop HERE.

Well, that’s my theme for this Thursday!
Do you have any special “theme” projects you are working on this week?
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  1. I like your stencils. Love the one on the hanger that says “Family” with the photo. Very clever!

  2. I love these stencils! I’m with Jennifer, I love the “Family” hanger! The “Give Thanks” banner is great too! Wonderful transformations!

  3. Such creative uses for stencils! ~ Maureen

  4. Your stencils are great. I am working on a project using stencils with plaster.


  5. LOVE your new stencils, and all the things you’ve stenciled on!!

    great job and so fun…thanks for ideas.


  6. mind if i share on my blog or FB page????
    or pin some??



  7. For the past week I have been wanting to thank you for your generosity sharing the bible template. I made my first banner with your template and I love it. I used cardstock and twine, stenciling the letters using a black oil paint Sharpie. It was quick and easy and fun. I have it on display in my dining room ready for Thanksgiving dinner with my entire clan. Again thank you so much! Love all the vintage books and clocks, et al on your site. Kimberly

  8. So many cute stencil ideas!

  9. the possibilities are endless. love the hangers!

  10. I love the new stencils and the sweet and clever ways you came up with to use them!


  11. Such fantastic projects! I especially love the clothes hangers and the books. Thank you for the inspiration.


  12. I love all of them. I am pinning this to my stencil board!

  13. I love all the stencils. You gave me an idea on those books. Cute vignettes!

  14. Cute! The book stencils are my favorite. I have so many books that I removed the binding from and that is a great idea! I also really love your blog header. I’m a new follower!

  15. You found just the right stencil and just the right spot to embellish!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Each and every one is fantastic. I do especially love the hanger that you turned into a photo holder. All the stencils are winners. Do the great ideas never cease?!

  17. angie–you made me chuckle about the dog. hahah

    you’ve been busy and everything looks great, love the pages banner!


  18. Twice now I’ve clicked on your link from Mercantile Muse because your photo caught my eye, not even realizing I was coming to the same place! I really love what you come up with- great pieces!

  19. Beautiful stencil projects!


  20. What a great project! I’m never left for a word myself and can totally understand how easy it would be to get carried away with the stencilling!

  21. Love all the things you’ve stenciled on. Each and every piece looks simply wonderful!!!

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