The Thing about Beagles

Remember this adorable old pooch that sat next to my happy toolbox?  Don’t let that sweet old lady face fool you.  The thing about beagles (or at least our beagle), is she loves trash as much as I love meat and potatoes, and that’s a lot of lovin’.

Ever since she was a little pup, she’s been a trash raider.  Our 2 trash cans were full, so I put a bag of trash on top of the trash can.  The bad news about that bag of trash is there was a paint can inside with a little paint left in it.  That paint is now on our concrete patio/driveway, along with the coffee grounds that are now plastered to it.

There was no denying who the culprit was who got in the trash.  It was written all over her trash-loving face…literally.  Don’t feel too sorry for her that she has only 3 legs.  Obviously, it didn’t impair her ability to get that trash bag down off the trash can.
Today was her lucky day, because I couldn’t resist taking her picture, instead of disciplining her.   I like junk…she likes trash.  Some would argue there is no difference.
She is who she is.  Gotta love her – painted face and all.

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  1. Those furbabies…lot of work at times…but love all the time!!

  2. What’s the saying again “One man’s trash is another man’s (Beagle’s) treasure. She’s not handicapped at all, proof is in the white spots all over her head, LOL.

  3. You must have my childhood beagle, Daisy, reincarnated. The QUEEN of getting into trash! She opened our fridge and licked a stick of butter off of the Thanksgiving fine china butter dish. She somehow unzipped my dads leather briefcase and ate a package of beef jerky, she ate a tube of yellow cadmium oil paint and pooped it all over our Connecticut backyard (and then it snowed and those spots stayed on the lawn until the spring melt). The trashcan always had to stay on the washer and dryer. Ahhh miss Daisy…luckily her cuteness outweighed her naughtiness.

    Cute pup!

  4. This post makes me smile. Thankfully my dogs don’t get in the trash. Totally cracks me up she has paint all over her. 🙂

  5. I think you are completely mistaken about your poochie’s intentions. She is a budding artist!!! Haven’t you heard about the paint/coffee ground technique taking the artworld by storm?! It’s messy, but so chic! Embrace your new work of art!

  6. Ooh, she’s a feisty old girl, isn’t she?! And she really does look so demure in the top pic, as if she was meant to pose next to beautiful flower displays all the time, being admired by all!!!

    Too cute! (Not the mess you had to clean up, but your “puppy at heart”!)


  7. what a cutie…but I’m glad my little PeeWee is too small to get on top of anything. lol. and bravo for deleting that anonymous comment.

  8. So, any advice on how to get the paint off the concrete, lol? Somebody might have dripped all over the garage floor when they were too lazy to lift up the desk “she” was painting to put a dropcloth under it. On another note, your dog is a cutie, love the paint on her head.

  9. There are some dogs that just can’t be cured of certain habits. I’ve had diggers, runners and garbage eaters. You can battle all you want, but you won’t win! It’s a cute dog anyway. But, oh the mess! ~ Maureen

  10. The cement can be cleaned. With something! And then you can post about how to clean paint off of cement. We have a half beagle, and I can tell ‘ya it’s no easier with the trash thing when they only have half the beagle gene.


  11. Hi. My name is Susan and I’m an addict. My weakness is “Knick of Time”. Whew, Just had to get that out of the way before I let you know how much I look forward to reading your blog. I am crazy about the free graphics, too! Thanks for sharing your life and creativity with everyone.

  12. Adorable. Frustrating for you, I’m sure… but adorable! =o)

  13. Hey Angie, You already know how I LOVE your blog! In response to the person you had to remove their comment….reminded me of Barney trying to give Andy advice on how to raise Opie….! LOVE your sweet trash-lovin’ beagle♥

  14. Our beagle, Theodore came to our house 3 years ago and never left. They are sooooo adorable it s hard to stay mad at them.

  15. Bravo Angie for deleting that comment. Love your sweet beagle girl. Hilarious that she was caught “white-headed” (instead of red-handed).

  16. She is adorable, who could resist that sweet face?! It could have been worse~~ I have a Great Pyrenees, absolutely huge, with gigantic feet. He is the sweetest, most gentle soul on Earth.BUT~~ I was painting my bedroom, went to the kitchen, left the bedroom door open–and Marvin went looking for me, stepped in the paint tray, then continued to look for me, down the hall, into the living room, through the dining room, to the kitchen, leaving huge doggie prints all the way. On the carpet. On the hardwood. On the vinyl. He didn’t mean to, of course. But, Lord, what a mess! But he is as precious to me as he could possibly be, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him! (and yes, he lives indoors, along with two Labs and two cats–I have a big house, fortunately).

  17. She is so cute!

  18. You silly girl, don’t you know you shouldn’t throw paint away like that. You need to leave the lid off and let the paint dry in the can, then throw it away. It’s better for the environment. Cute dog. We have a beagle that lives across the street that comes and visits twice a day to check out the cat food situation.

  19. I had a 3 legged Great Dane and she was silly for trash too. We gotta love our furry kids!

  20. Love your blog! And your dog is ever so adorable with the paint….when I look down in my Studio, at least one of our dogs has glitter on their heads! Glad you deleted Mrs.anonymous comment….she needs to run her own life. The pictures of your family in the field are wonderful.

  21. Angie, our Sofie Beagle is the same way. She’s a rescue and we love her. She likes to get into bags we leave on the floor and I’ve learned my lesson. Last week she found a partial bag of M&Ms. I almost fainted when I saw that they were eaten. Sure, it could have been Buddy or Dalton, but since Sofie is the most likely culprit I got on the internet to see how much is harmful. Luckily it was milk chocolate, and not that much was left in the bag. Still, I wanted her to throw up and got out the hydrogen peroxide. She didn’t throw up. And since the peroxide could be potentially harmful to her, I was scared. Thankfully, it had expired five years ago and was no longer harmful. WHEW ! From now on I’ll eat all my M&Ms !!! I enjoy your blog — thank you for sharing your three-legged baby stories as well as all the other goodies in your world !

  22. I’m visiting from Donna’s Funky Junk. What a cutie pie your dog is. I could not help but notice in addition to the paint/coffee grounds mess, she left you the cutest and best paw print I have ever seen. I hope you can do something (no ideas) to preserve that print, as I’m sure some day you will treasure it beyond belief.

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