Thursday’s Theme {Canning Jars}

We all love old Ball canning jars, right?
Actually, I love all old canning jars, regardless of the brand.
Topped with a zinc lid, they are the picture of simple farmhouse charm.

I hope you have a “Ball” seeing seeing some of my favorite ways to use and display them!

{filled with dainty straw flowers}

{beautiful honey comb}

{rooting a coleus plant}

{a long-time favorite use for many generations…a button jar}

{storing dry foods – popcorn, sea salt & rice}

{fresh flowers}

{dried weeds}

{hand soap in the bathroom}

{dish soap in the kitchen}

{grouped together in an old market basket}

{clothes pins}

and let’s not forget – leaving them
{empty and gorgeous}!

So, inquiring minds want to know…
What’s in your Ball…..or Atlas, or Presto, or Drey?

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  1. Yes, I am a “Ball Baby!” Currently, there is candy corn in one of the row of Quart size Ball jars; seasonal items always rate their own jar!

  2. they are gorgeous!

  3. oh! I put my dry goods in them too. One each for sugar– brown and white; One for flax seed, things like that. I have an old Atlas jar…it is full of musket shots, that we collected around our barn. It makes a wonderful book end, nice and heavy.
    Old jars are so versitile. I used to want one for a soap dispenser…until I found my vintage Ms. Butterworth’s Syrup bottle. I use her for soap! 🙂 Pat

  4. Love them…and it’s amazing how different they looked used in different ways!

  5. I love mason jars too! I shared you over at my blog.

  6. I have a big collection of them too. During Chirstmas I love to make them into snowglobes with a little deer, tree and faux snow! So cute, Jean

  7. Love ball jars…I use them and re-use them all over my house too 🙂

  8. Lots of buttons in mine and one in the kitchen used as a lamp filled with cinnamon sticks. Love your collections. blessings…Pam

  9. I have some dry goods in mine too.


  10. I have seashells in mine! I love them, too!

  11. Beautiful jars Angie… you’ve once again given me more ideas on what to do with mine, for I recently “gave in” to my yearning for Crown jars. They were made in Canada, and since they have crowns on them, I just HAD to have a few for my Victorian Studio 😉

    I have written about them too –

    I love them! Especially the purple and aqua coloured ones… oh and a very special one with the name of my hometown mis-spelled on it!

  12. I have two ball jars on my kitchen shelf. One has all kinds of kids rubber balls and the other has marbles and cracker jack toys. Then in my living room I have a fairy ball jar where I printed a picture when I was 5 years old and added paper wings and stuck it into a ball jar. Then I have 2 christmas ball jars. One I glued a vintage santa ornament in plastic and added snow and a green tree the other ball jar I have a imitation snow baby knickknack with a pink tree and snow. I love ball jars!

  13. Oh you are so speaking my language, I recently was at a garage sale and got a basket full of zinc lids…for $2.00, I was just about skipping for glee!

    I have so many ideas for them!!!!

    Jan from my new blog The pink Geranium…

  14. Fun ideas. Just today…my friend and I experimented with a recipe to serve tomorrow night in jars…with lime and basil and straws.

  15. I love the aqua canning jars. I love them empty, but I have vitamins, q-tips and cotton balls in 5 jars in my bathroom. I also have crafting supplies in my ball jars in my office. I think they have a great look!

  16. Great ideas! I only have one, and it is holding Q-tips in my guest bathroom. I attached a pretty faux leaf by wrapping twine around the jar, and it looks so sweet with the other accessories.

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