Okay, now you can feel sorry for her…

Remember, I told you not to let her sweet, old lady face fool
you, because even though she’s missing a front leg,
she’s still pretty darn spry for her age?
Well…you can feel sorry for her now.
Apparently during the night, she decided to chase
after coyotes (because she doesn’t seem to realize
that a) she’s getting old and b) she only has 3 legs.
Unfortunately, she didn’t catch any coyotes,
but she got caught in a hunter’s trap instead.

The hunter found her in the morning when he went
to check his traps and carried her home to us.
She had some cuts and an extremely swollen paw,
which we are hoping isn’t broken and will heal quickly.
So, now she is sporting a hot pink splint and can’t walk at all.
She has to stay indoors, so she’s bunking on pillows
inside my bathtub and looking at me with the most
pitiful expressions imaginable.
As I’ve said before, beagles…you gotta love ’em.

My daughter was worried that her dog would
pull the same stunt, so she decided he needs to be an
indoor dog until hunting season is over.
I put him in the other bathroom (that is undergoing remodeling) for the night.
I gave him a pillow, but he found a basket of hand towels
sitting on the floor and decided he wanted to sleep
there instead.  Not wanting our hand towels to
get coated with dog fur, I put the basket on
top of the toilet.  When my son came in later…here’s
where we found him…on top of the toilet, in
the little basket filled with hand towels.

It’s a good thing hunting season doesn’t
last too long.  Four dogs inside the house
may just send me over the edge.
If you don’t hear from me soon…you’ll know why.



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  1. Oh they are both precious! Get better soon sweet little girl!


  2. Poor girl, hope she is okay. And that photo of the dog on the toilet… that could win a photo contest… so funny!

  3. What an adorable story…I love that you have taken in the tripod beagle! and the cutie sitting in the basket on the toilet is priceless! Thanx for sharing… Visit me over at my “royal blog”!!!! Tiffany

  4. O.K. then, funniest photo I’ve seen yet of that sweet dog on top of the toilet!!!!!

  5. Both are so precious, but that cutie on top of the toilet takes the cake!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I had tears in my eyes for your poor little beagle and then burst out laughing when I saw the photo of the dog on top of the toilet!!! You’ve got your hands full and I hope that all of you are back to good health soon. Thanks for the chuckle. :@

  7. So glad we don’t have hunting season here!

  8. I have a beagle too and they do have a mind of their own. I adore the photo of him in the basket on top of the toilet!

  9. First, so sad! Second, so funny! Good luck making it through hunting season!

  10. omg…i laughed out loud when i saw the pick of the dog in the basket on top of the toilet!! i was feeling bad for your other dog, and saw that- the just burst out! too darn funny!! wishing you some patience and sanity for the rest of hunting season!!

  11. Ha ha… that picture of the pooch in the basket on top of the tank…funnier than all get out!
    Your little beagle with the wounded paw. Sad. Poor thing.
    Maybe she’ll learn to stay close to home after this.

  12. Awwwwah,poor sole,and oh so funny how your daughters dog managed to get into that little basket.:)

  13. Firstly, poor sweet beagle! I love me a good beagle! Secondly, I cannot believe that big dog got into that basket without turning the basket over! That’s such a cute picture!! Makes me giggle!

  14. The poor dog! I love animals! I’m just wondering how on earth she even fit in that basket?! Heck, for that matter, how was she able to get up there, TO fit in that basket?!?!

  15. Our furry kids are so wonderful. Love your post and know your furry kids fill your life with even more love as you do theirs. I have 3 furry girls I will be bringing back to your area and love them so much. Nancy Carr

  16. Oh my! That poor little pumpkin. How in the world did he get up there? Oh how I hate to see little ones of any kind suffer. We have a “part-beagle” who also loves to chase after coyotes. Fortunately we do not have hunting anywhere near here. Give that baby a big hug and some pets from me. That is one amazing dog!

  17. Well ‘ya know, I was feeling blue thinking of that sweet little three legged hound being down to two legs and frowning as I read, but thank you very much for turning that frown around. TFF…..too freaking funny. I’d say the big dog has little dog syndrome. Usually it’s the other way around that the little dogs think they are big. Or it does remind me of how I feel trying to get into a smaller size pair of pants-my expression is the same.


  18. I’m so sorry to hear about Miss Beagle ! I’ve always been afraid that the coyotes would jump over our fence and attack our dogs. I’m sorry they led yours into danger. Our beagle, Sofie, wishes your sweetie a fast recovery!

  19. Oh, the poor baby!!! So glad it wasn’t worse, bless her heart. Your daughter’s dog looks just like my Sunshine when she was a baby. She is six now, and still just as sweet. I have four dogs, a Great Pyrenees, two Labs, and a Schnauzer, and they all live indoors. Talk about hair, lol. But it is so nice for me to have my babies in here with me, and I have lots of room. It is funny, the big ones think they are lap dogs (even the Pyrenees, who is huge), and the Schnauzer, who is a mini, and is very tiny, thinks he is huge. Gotta love ’em!

  20. Poor baby! I hope he’s all better soon! xxx

  21. Aw poor doggie. Hope he likes his hot pink cast.

  22. I think the dog in the basket must be part cat! Get well soon little beagle!

  23. Awe how can I not feel sorry for them! So sweet! Yes hunting season is around here too.But we are a little secluded from it.Thank goodness by cat would go insane with the noise of the shots!

  24. Oh poor baby! Hope she heals quickly Angie! That photo of the one on the toilet is hilarious!

  25. You are one busy person. I’m still chuckling over the dog in the basket on the toilet. I hope your other dog heals quickly, poor thing.

  26. Such a sweetie. I pray that his other paw heels quickly. So sorrowful. But I must say, after reading such a pitiful tale of dog one I BURST A SEAM laughing when I saw your daughters dog in the basket on the toilet. Doesn’t even fit, but wants to be there. Too cute.

  27. So sorry your puppy had a bad night…Hope he heals quickly, and I too got a good chuckle out of the dog in the basket. Don’t you just love em. 🙂

  28. Poor baby hope her paw heels quick. The pic of your dog in the basket on top of the toilet made my night. I am still laughing about it. I guess he liked the hand towels lol Thanks for the laugh, 4 dogs wow, I can barely keep up with one.

  29. Poor pooches. The little pup on top of the basket had to work to get into that basket. Bless his heart. Hard to get mad at him when you see him that way. And your beagle, ouch, that must have hurt so badly to be stuck in that snare all night.
    Know what you mean about the shedding. Our dog seems to shed constantly, I have to vacuum bare floors at least every other day and mop. (Then there’s the big dog/hubs that makes messes also.)
    Our cat just loves to sleep in places you’d never think. He’s always shedding also and loves to roll in the dirt then get on our bed or something I’ve just laundered. Gotta love ’em but they do create more work. Ah well the kids are gone now, what else do I have to do? We won’t talk about that. lol

  30. Poor baby 🙁 Hope her little paw heals well and quickly! And that last photo…oh my gosh. I had to laugh out loud. That was too funny!!

  31. oh I am so sorry about your little dog. I’m glad she was found so soon.

    and that pic of your daughter’s dog in basket on back of toilet, priceless. =)

    hang in there.


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