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I have no idea why I have such an addiction to old headboards, but I do.  I don’t have a booth anywhere, so I have no place to sell them, but I just keep bringing them home with me.

I currently have 12 of them in my workshop and had to come up with some projects to create from them, so my husband won’t complain about my addiction.

This one does double-duty as a chalkboard!

There are 3-stem coat hooks on each side and a drawer pull in the center to hold the chalk.

Now, I’m addicted to creating these and love how it turned out, so I made a bunch of them!

This one is an antique headboard.

Here’s how it looked before I cut the lower part of the posts off and painted it.
I love the old style drawer pulls and pretty knobs I found to add to it.

I created 2 of this style.

Here’s the before shot of this one.
I love the shape of this headboard and I added a clock face graphic above the chalkboard.
Another old style drawer pull for the chalk.
This coat rack was made from just the leg portion of a headboard.
I added a really pretty metal scrolled piece in the center, along with matching fancy coat hooks.
This is very old and beautiful antique foot board.  It looked so lovely,
I decided not to paint it, and instead freshened it up with some stain/sealer and added some pretty knobs to use as hangers for jackets or baskets.
Everything about this headboard is so gorgeous – from the scalloped shape, to the detailed posts.  It looks almost black in the photos, but is really a deep, rich dark brown.
Antique Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Created from Antique Footboard Antique Coat Rack - Wall Hooks - Created from Antique Footboard
She’s a beauty!  I have the matching headboard from this bed, so I plan to make it similar to this one to hang in our bedroom.
For now, I have the footboard hanging in my living room.
(Sure wish I could hide that stupid thermostat!)
Since I still had the lower portion of the pretty legs to work with, I turned it into a coat rack also, but I decided to paint it first.  I added extra large coat hooks to it.

I added metal medallions from another old bed. The hole to mount the coat rack is under each medallion. I left the original little metal wheels on it.

Anyone else out there share my addiction to headboards?

If so, what have you done with yours?


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  1. All of your headboards are amazing and so creative! You have such a knack for seeing potential. Have a lovely day! ~ Jamie

  2. What a great way to reuse such beautiful pieces of wood and I love the little details you add to each one! ~ Maureen

  3. These look fabulous!!! what a clever idea!

  4. They are all great, Angie. I have a few in the back of my workshop which I haven’t done anything with yet. A couple weeks ago I found another headboard and footboard for $10/set. I brought them home and leaned them against the front shop wall and my husband saw it and said “Don’t you already have some of those?”

  5. i love them all!! i will now be on the hunt- you have opened my eyes!! and i loved your details with the drawer pulls to hold the chalk- that is a great idea!!

  6. I am extremely worried I could catch your affliction. OHHHH you said addiction. I’m still worried.


  7. I love them all!!!! But I’m sure that are difficult to ship. lol

  8. Wow Angie!!! You make me wish I lived closer to you… want one! What a great eye you have for seeing potential in the most common of objects. Love them all!

  9. They’re gorgeous Angie. Now I want one. Or two… LOL

  10. Great ideas–love the headboards!

  11. These are great Angie, I have a really cool one I’d like to do too but it’s so thick (deep)that I can’t figure out how I’d be able to hang it without halving it somehow. Did you trim down the one with the clock?

  12. Those are all beautiful, such a creative use for them. I have been looking for an old bed to make a bench, and I can’t find even one! Love all of yours.

  13. Me encantó, super idea, te sigo.

  14. Hey Angie,

    I am a fairly new reader.. love your blog. I am an interior designer, but also have a Vintage shop.
    Sometimes you can ship larger things, Believe it or not on fairly reasonable on Greyhound Bus Lines. I think the length limit is 84″.
    I shipped a small headboard awhile back with no problem. Maybe it would help you ?
    Customers are usually willing to drive to the nearest station to save some $$


  15. Angie – These are just precious. Love the one with the clock design on it. Really ingenuous!! Must find me a headboard like that. Thanks for the inspiration.


  16. Love them all, Angie! I have a “thing” for old beds too. Hopefully I’ll have some fun projects to share soon.

  17. I love those same drawer pulls too Angie, use them all the time.

  18. Wow…these are all wonderful!

  19. What a lot of work and imagination you put into these! Beautiful job, so creative!
    Debbie 🙂

  20. Beautiful, Beautiful!! I haven’t seen anything like this before, but I could see one of these in our house for sure! Love them all!

    PS: Stopped by from Too Much Time on My Hands…I linked up right beside you 😉 So happy I didn’t miss seeing this!

  21. These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity. ~Amanda

  22. Thanks for sharing the great ideas. I’m always on the look out for great headboards, but I always find the whole bed and don’t have the heart to break them up.

  23. these are soooooooo beautiful!

  24. Love all your headboard/chalkboard creations, Angie.

  25. Love the shapes of those!

  26. So nice of you to join me Angie. I love every single one of these headboards. thanks for sharing.

  27. These are lovely and oh so creative! LOL would NEVER have noticed that thermostat and then I had to go looking for it 🙂

  28. What a wonderful addiction to be afflicted with. Your head- and footboard repurposings are out of this world. I’d love to have any one of them. Can’t wait to share this post on my Once Upon a Firefly FB page! I might pin a bit, too. Heehee.

  29. I think you have a great vision for old headboards! What you do with them is amazing! Stopping by from Debbiedoos!

  30. These are fabulous! I love what you’ve done with all these headboards. They’re just great!
    Mary Alice

  31. Wowzers…..You are so very creative! You have taken something that is often discarded and turned it into a work of art. Each headboard is unique with it’s very own design.
    Love…love…love your post!
    Carolynn xo

  32. Angie, I LOVE the last one, and the one with the clock… that was a pretty ugly piece before you got your hands on it!


  33. Fabulous! Now I am addicted to vintage headboards too.

    Susan and Bentley

  34. So inquest and fun…I love how they look! Great job. C,e link p to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your ideas with us. Karin

  35. Let’s try it again…I am having trouble typing on my IPAd . Your ideas are so unique and fresh! I love how they turned out. Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and share your ideas with us. Karin

  36. found you over at Beyond the Picket Fence…wonderful idea – we have an antique twin bed that was going to go Goodwill…might just keep it for myself and make a coat rack for my entryway – great inspiration!
    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  37. LOVE them all!! You NEED to have a booth somewhere…it’s sooo much fun!! We just started decorating ours for Christmas today…can’t wait to go back and finish up 🙂 Laurel

  38. Angie, the one hanging on your wall above the thermostat is just screaming for one of your banners going from post to post. These are just to cool!

  39. I love all these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing, I came over from your feature at MRL!

  40. Love them all! You definitely need to be selling these somewhere!

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  42. Be still my heart…Angie this is such a great resource. Pinning it immediately!!! ;0)

  43. Dislike that thermostat? Move your coat rack up or over and put a pretty basket over the thermostat.

  44. What cute projects! Thanks for sharing at the Open House party.

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. Curious to know what you use on the back of them for hanging because they can be heavy.

  47. I love what you’re doing with the bed parts!! So beautiful!! I understand about addictions…mine is picture frames. 🙂

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