British Bling…Spot On

Ahhh…The British.
They have the best accent and the
funnest expressions, don’t they?

My daughter is a fan of all things British,
so I thought I’d give her a little British bling for Christmas.
Nothing super blingish, because she’s isn’t that type,
just a few fun things I think she’ll enjoy.

She is in need of a new pillowcase,
so I typed the definition of England from
a dictionary and added “coolest accents in the world”,
because their accent definitely defines them.

I also purchased a t-shirt for her with a Union Jack
flag, with an expression I know she’ll love.
I scanned that image, then printed it on TAP paper,
and ironed it on the pillowcase as well.

Then, I made her a necklace and key ring
out of some 1960’s coins.  I know she’ll
love the queen’s image and the lion on these.

 I had a few leftover coins, so I’ve added a few of
these to my shop as well.

Spot On!

By the way, I’m guest posting over at My Repurposed Life tomorrow,
so I’ll hope you’ll drop in there and see another gift I made.
(Mom…DON’T peek!)

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  1. Angie- Your daughter is going to LOVE those things! What a lucky girl she is. I will pop over tomorrow and see what else you are up to…xo Diana

  2. Very nice, Merry Christmas x

  3. I have so enjoyed following your blog this past year and being british this post made me smile.. I do hope your daughter loves her gifts they are fantastic.. Keep up the good work and thank you for your wonderful inspiration.. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.. Angi X

  4. Wow….your daughter should love these great gifts. I love the pillowcase and especially the coin on a key ring. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Crikey they are spiffing! Cheerio! 😉

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