My Christmas Gift…My Daughter

Twenty years ago, the best Christmas gift
I’ve ever received was born…
My only daughter, Meghan.
She was a true gift, in the deepest sense of the word.
Another mother made the difficult decision,
to give this precious little baby to another mother…me.
May God abundantly bless my beautiful daughter,
and bless her mother and their family on this day,
and in the future as well.

God is good.
May you experience His love this Christmas season,


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  1. Thank you, Angie, for sharing. My heart is warmed with your story about Meghan. What a precious gift of love…from God and from another Momma.
    Merry Christmas, my sweet friend,
    Carolynn xxx

  2. truly a special gift.
    this I know..I am an adopted child and I have given up a child for adoption. I am both sides of the coin!! I am eternally grateful to my adoptive mother for loving me enough to give me up. I loved my son enough to do the same for him(he turned 39 on the 21st ). My parents adopted my twin sister and I on the 31st. December is a special month!!
    Your daughter is blessed with much love!!!
    Merry Christmas..and a very Happy Natal Anniversary to your daughter!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the beautiful love you have for your daughter. You are an awesome human and a holy soul. Peace and Continued Blessings to you and your family!

  4. That is a wonderful story, Angie! Happy Birthday to a very special daughter!

  5. Dear Angie, I am an adoptive mother too..My best Christmas gift was born on Dec 26th, but I had to wait for him till April 26th. Every Thanksgiving till New Years, I get very emotional at EVERYTHING (esp Hallmark commercials! Go figure!). I finally figured out that his birth mother was alot like Mary…unmarried, family unwilling or unable to be supportive,and pregnant. I know she thinks about him on his birthday, but I’m the blessed one who helps him celebrate! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your story. Beth in Arizona

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