Thursday’s Theme {Signs}

I’m still in the process of working on
this week’s theme, so I don’t have it
ready to share yet, but in the meantime,
I’ll show you a roundup of signs I’ve created.
I’m also working on a new batch of coat racks –
still trying to make a bigger dent in my wood pile.
Some of these signs, I know I’ve shared with you
before; some I haven’t….I think.
Seriously, there are days I can’t remember
if I actually wrote something, or if I just thought
about it, so forgive me if I’m repeating myself.I whipped this one up freehand and had intended to
use it on a project, but the size wasn’t right,
so it is now listed in my shop HERE.
I was glad I had some rusty, old chain to use as a hanger.
Handpainted Sign - Antique Wood Salvage - SLEIGH RIDES

I was inspired by a cute rooster image from an
antique schoolbook, to create this sign.
It’s available in the shop.
RISE & SHINE Rooster Handpainted Sign -  Antique Wood Salvage
This sign, I made about a year ago
on some super old barn wood, and
added a super old horseshoe and square peg nails.
It has sold.
Livery & Farrier Sign on Antique Barn Salvage
This Milk & Cream sign is one of my favorites.
I like the simplicity of it.
It was actually one of my first projects
testing out CeCe Caldwell paint.
I was so impressed with the distressed look I was
able to get on this sign – without using any sandpaper!
All I did was rub a damp rag where I wanted
it to look distressed to remove a little paint
and the result was AMAZING!  You
can do it when the paint is wet or dry – doesn’t matter.
I can’t brag on this paint enough – it’s just that great.
Shelly @ Shizzle Design carries it HERE.
Milk & Cream - Handpainted Sign -  Antique Wood Salvage
Of course, this was one of my favorites,
because I included the old clock faces.
I used CeCe Caldwell paint on this sign as well.
It has sold as well.  Can you guess where the wood
came from to make it?
RESERVED for Lora - Time Well Spent - Handpainted Sign - Antique Wood Salvage - Clock and Watch Faces
Don’t have a heart-attack when I tell you that
I made this sign from the front piece of my piano.
We made shelves in our kitchen from that piece also.
I knew I wanted to display the piano without
the front piece, because the sound board is so gorgeous.
I hope I don’t kick myself later!

I made this sign a long time ago,
and it has long since sold.
The quirky metal hanger on it was
salvaged from a chair.
REFUGE Wall Art  Handpainted Sign - Reclaimed Salvaged Plank from Historic Courthouse - Custom Orders Available
This one was painted on the back
of an old realtor’s sign – again, long gone.
MARKET - Handpainted Sign - Vintage Sign Salvage
This one was salvage from an antique
side table.  I added an antique handle and
some square peg nails to make it useful.
The beautiful shape of that table gave this sign
a pretty shape.  It’s long gone as well.
RESERVED for amberlee - ANTIQUES - Large Handpainted Woodburned Sign - Peg Rack - - - Towel Bar - Antique Wood Table Salvage - 30 x 10-3/4
I made and sold this sign several years ago.
I painted the board, then traced the
letters, then painted them in.  It took me a long
time, but I loved how it turned out.
I added some old hinges to hang it by.
Someday, I’d like to make another one.
RESERVED for amberlee - ANTIQUES - Large Handpainted Woodburned Sign - Peg Rack - - - Towel Bar - Antique Wood Table Salvage - 30 x 10-3/4
I made this sign a few weeks ago –
again, from antique table salvage.
This one, I painted with chalkboard paint, then
used regular paint to letter the words on it.
It has sold.
Large Wooden Chalkboard Sign from Antique Table Salvage - VILLAGE MERCANTILE
Next, there are a few suitcase signs I’ve made recently.
This was a really old metal one, that had separated
front from back, so it seemed a good candidate
to get recreated into something else.
This time I just dry-brushed CeCe Caldwell on it,
then painted a very thin board with chalkboard paint
and added it to the front.
So…it’s a chalkboard that someone can use as a sign.
It has sold, as has the back half of it.
Antique Suitcase Chalkboard - Upcycled Metal Wall Hanging Chalkboard Sign
Here’s another one I made recently from a whole suitcase,
that is too damaged inside to be used as a suitcase.
Another great candidate for a recreation.  It’s available HERE.
Vintage Suitcase Chalkboard - Upcycled Chalkboard Sign
Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!

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  1. Loving all your signs, Angie- I think I like the Milk & Cream one best of alol- xo Diana

  2. I love your signs. Your ides are wonderful and I really appreciate you and your blog. Happy Holidays!

  3. Angie, your signs always turn out so AWESOME!!! And I L O V E the spring hanger!!! You’ve so inspired me to go make some!!! Whenever I tackle signs they’re HUGE custom subway signs and by the time I’m finished, I’m mentally drained! Your type of signs would be perfect alongside my furniture and I just think I know where to find the paint 😀 Thanx AGAIN for the shout out!!!

  4. All GREAT ideas!! I love the suit case that says “I’ll Fly Away” 🙂

  5. These are all awesome! I love them…we have a ton of old wood waiting for me to ‘get at it’, the new year will see me finally getting ‘er done. Wonderful job on your signs, Angie!
    Debbie 🙂

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