Antique Graphics Wednesday – Ice Coupon Checks & the History Behind Them

I love the crisp color and graphics on these little coupon checks
that were issued by the Stillwell Cold Storage Co. in Hannibal, Missouri.
These coupons came 4 to a page, in sets of 10 pages in a booklet.
This is the cover of the booklet.

A little fascinating detail about this company:
The Stillwell Cold Storage Co. was owned by a very wealthy Hannibal resident, named Amos Stillwell, who initially made his fortune in the pork packing industry and later was the president of the First National Bank of Hannibal.  In 1888, Amos was murdered in his sleep at his mansion, and his murder was never solved, though his older son from a previous marriage hired private detectives and offered a $10,000 reward.  Amos’ wife, Fanny, reported that she awoke to see someone standing over her husband with an ax, and crashing it on his head.  It was later suspected that Fanny may have been involved in the murder, as her physician, Dr. Hearne, reported that she was too mentally unstable after the murder to undergo questioning for 5 days.  One year after Amos’ murder, Fanny married her physician, raising suspicions about their involvement in the murder, especially since Fanny had given conflicting details when finally questioned.  Dr. Hearne stood trial for the murder, but all the evidence against both of them was circumstantial, so Fanny was never brought to trial and they were released from jail in 1896.
{source of info.}
I couldn’t find any information about when this company ceased operation, but this coupon book has the date prefix of 19___, well after Amos’ death.

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  1. how interesting! that’s the best part of antiques and vintage items…the stories behind them. I love history.

  2. Interesting graphics; Bored Panda shared a story yesterday about a building in Chicago that had been owned by a cold storage company; it had been sold and was being renovated, but before it was changed they invited a photographer inside to take photos of the amazing ice sculptures and structures that had formed. Now of course I didn’t save any links but I bet you could find it.
    Thanks for sharing your tickets!

  3. the coupons are so wonderful! the colors are amazing- lucky you to have them!!

  4. Those are fantastic! The story is even better! Thanks for sharing!

  5. very cool sweetie. thanks!


  6. I love the coupons, but the story….love history. And it’s even better for me because I only live 40-45 min. from Hannibal MO. Now that’s cool, in my own back yard!! Love your blog

  7. Hi Angie,thanks for sharing this vintage graphics..oh il ove them!
    have a nice day

  8. Oh, no! Poor Amos.: ( If Fanny and Dr. Hearne had killed him today, I bet there would have been a ton of forensic evidence implicating at least one of them. Fascinating story… thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    But Amos’s memory lives on through his colorful ice coupon checks and the beautiful cover of the booklet they came in! What fun and unusual ephemera… thank you, Angie!♥

  9. WOW!! These Ice Coupons are fantastic. Thanks so much for the free downloads. I love these. These will be perfect for my Titanic book I have in the making. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. Karen.x Winton Rose Paper Creations.

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