How to Make a Perfect Book Page Bow

How to Make a Perfect Book Page Bow

It all started with a book page bow banner I made and sold in my Etsy shop….
Another customer saw it and asked if I would make her 100 really small bows that she planned to use on baby shower invitations.

Oh sure – no problem!“, I responded.

Book Page Bow Banner Tutorial at Knick of Time | knickoftime.netI do enjoy making them, but my kitchen counter is now decorated with spiderweb-like strands of hot glue, I burned myself a few times, and I have German script imprinted on my brain, but I finally finished them…

All 100 – no problem.
Book Page Bow Banner Tutorial by Knick of Time |

They are inexpensive and don’t take terribly long to make (unless you are making 100).  After getting the hang of making the first 2, the rest when faster.

Ironstone platter and book page bow banner on rustic wood mantle backdrop by Knick of Time |

I just hot-glued my bow pieces onto grosgrain ribbon, but you could also enclose the ribbon behind the center strip on the bow, so the bows can be slid along the ribbon, into whatever position you want them to be on the bunting.

Step 1 – Crumble up an old book page, then uncrumple it and cut 2 pieces for the wide part (however big you want your bow).  For the smaller bows, I just used 1 piece.  Cut another longer, slightly narrower strip, for the bottom part of the bow and fold it in half, then cut the little tips into it.  Cut a small 3rd piece to wrap around the center of the bow.

How to make a book page bow tutorial -

Step 2 – Put the 2 wide pieces together, and scrunch the center of them.

how to make a book page bow - step 2 -
Step 3 – wrap the smallest piece around the middle and glue in the back.

how to make a book page paperbow -

Then bend the last piece in half and glue it onto the back of the bow.

how to make a perfect paper bow -

Step 5 – Fluff the sides of the bow and done!

how to make the perfect book page paper bow - Knick of Time

Cute, fun, and one of a 1,000 ways to use old book pages!

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How to make a perfect book page bow -

Here’s another much quicker project on and Board and base.

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  1. These are so neat!! i see why she wanted to use them 🙂 yaaay!

  2. These are so cute Angie. You must be having visions of book pages dancing in your head at night. Very creative!

  3. Oh…now that is neat!
    I love it. So many uses too.

    You’re so talented …

  4. Very lovely indeed. I love working with book pages. I have a mental note now to pick up German books while I am thrifting.
    Gallery Fifty Eight

  5. Those are super sweet! I don’t know if I could handle making 100, though!

  6. These are cute! I made a wreath once with book pages and it was painful with a lot of hot glue burns so I feel your pain. And nothing’s more fun than fighting those glue webs. 🙂
    Farmhouse hugs,

  7. Adore these! Pinning this lovely idea for Christmas packages….

  8. LOVE THESE!!! Sooo sweet 🙂

  9. So creative, these are wonderful!

  10. Hi Angie,

    what a brilliant paper bows them so much. have a nice weekend to you

  11. Ha! Those are awesome Angie! What a great idea – I think I will make some for cards… I always reach for the ribbon to make bows; now I can make paper ones too! Thanks for the instructions! They turned out wonderfully.

  12. Very cute and different than all the flag like banners we see so much! Thanks for the idea!

  13. Angie that is so pretty! LOVE this idea!

  14. very cute. thanks for how to…

    blessings and happy Saturday


  15. so beautiful and good idea !

  16. Ingenious. That was a labour of love that you made 100 of them.

  17. Oh my goodness, these are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the how too 🙂

  18. Those little bows are just adorable. You must have a world of patience to do 100 of them! 🙂 They’re really cute!

  19. I love your little bow banner! Would love you to link it up to Silver Pennies Sundays if you get a chance –

  20. Your garland is so delicate and pretty! I just love it. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Wonderful Day,

  21. I’m soooo into all the old book crafts. This is really different! Love it!
    Homa Style is having a Valentine link party going on now. I would love it if you linked up your bow garland.
    The link is

  22. Such a beautiful idea!

  23. Super creative!

  24. Cute and simple – thanks for sharing!

  25. Thank you so much for visiting Homa Style and linking your Valentine bow banner.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!
    Remember to visit again on the last Wednesday of February for the Inspire Me link party.

  26. Really appreciate you sharing this clever and cute bow-making method. A hundred of them, though?!?! Wow… You are patient and determined.

  27. Incredibly cute! I see this is an old post, do you remember the measurements of your strips?

  28. Jude Brokenshire says

    Brilliant, such an easy tutorial to follow, Could make them any size and out of different papers. Am off to make some. Thanks for sharing

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