Thursday’s Theme – {My Hang-Ups}

We’ve all got our hang-ups, right?  Well, one of the many I have, is my love of old wood.  I don’t just bring it home piece by piece – I’ll bring it by the truckload if I can get it.  But, what started out as a massive pallet of wood, purchased almost 2 years ago at an auction, is down to about 25 boards.  I wish I would have taken a photo of the whole pallet of planks, so you could see just how many pieces have made their way out of my workshop.

(Well, a whole bunch of them got used on the walls in my ladies’ room, but I’ve still repurposed a bunch of them and sold oodles of the planks as well).  If you haven’t been around this blog long enough to have seen my bathroom, you can see the before and after HERE.

I only had a few pieces left with the pretty, chippy turquoise paint on them, and they look so pretty turned into coat hooks and wall hooks.  I could have bought 2 more pallets of this fabulous old wood, but I was afraid my husband would have a fit about picking it all up, so I didn’t, but I really wish I would have now.   I’ll miss having these pretty planks to work with.  These are are the last of them, other than some very small pieces.

The pretty shades of blue remind me of a country cottage, so I like to photograph them with simple, pretty white things.

Larger hooks were added to this plank.  The color is a richer turquoise on this one.

To this smaller piece of wood, I added a smaller birds wall hook and the numbers.

 This plank was unpainted, so I used some pretty robin’s egg blue paint I got off the “oops” section at Lowe’s.  I added an antique door mortise lock to use as a little shelf and really love it.  Makes me wish I had a room with some robin’s egg blue to use it in.

I bought a whole box of these locks when a thrift store was going out of business.  I sold a few of them, but the rest have just been waiting for me to do something with them.

 I did a combination of dry-brushing and just a little distressing on the wood.

This small piece is the end of a plank that my husband cut when putting the wood on our bathroom walls.  Just a pretty antique-style glass doorknob was all it needed.  I love how the pretty blue stands out against the rustic wood.

This last piece didn’t come from my pallet of wood, it was salvage from the shelves we created for our kitchen.  If you’ve forgotten – those shelves were made from the front panel from my antique piano.  So, I guess this piece has been salvaged twice.  I love the combination of the deep burnt red chalk paint with the metal key hook plaque, and the pretty edge at the top just sets it off.

Well, that wraps up my theme for Thursday!  You can see all of the coat racks available in my shop HERE.



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  1. I love all of these! Fantastic job. I love making these as well. You gave me some ideas!

  2. Lovely just lovely. I have that say “key” hook I got from Hobby Lobby. i love it as well.

  3. How clever you are to repurpose the door lock as a clock pedestal! Love it!

  4. I like your bathroom..Your ideas are great and I love all of the reurposed items..I am off to check out your friends site..Have a great night..

  5. Love them all- simple, pretty and useful. Glad you found another gravy boat too!
    Susan @ Rustic ReDiscovered

  6. Love all your hang-up Angie. I am getting ready to remove two towel bars in our bath and put up hooks. The one with the door mortise lock and two hooks will be perfect. I have one lock left after using three on a shelf for little clocks. I always get a good decorating ideas from you.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  7. Well I think your hang-ups are quite cute! Love that robin’s egg blue color.

  8. All of your hangups are wonderful – love the chipped turquoise. I have a stash of boards that I’m getting ready to create with but they’re not as special as yours.

  9. I just love these Angie – have to make a couple of them myself after seeing them – because I’m all about copying everything I see lol – well everything that I love – and these I love!!!
    Beautiful job!

  10. WOW, those are gorgeous!! I want them all! Great work!

  11. I love them as well, Angie! Fab job you have done with the wood. I have a few that I have (had my husband) make up for me with old antique hooks from my home! Love these ! xo Pam

  12. I love hang ups when they are this FABULOUS! Love the little pchers too…so adorable!:)


  13. I have to start by saying how much I LOVE your blog. I signed up for it via e-mail about 3 months ago and I enjoy every post. In addition to reading your thoughts, your projects inspire me and your clocks are fabulous!
    Signed, keeping time with you!

  14. All of your pretty planks are wonderful. I use to see pallets on the side of the road but never see any now that I been looking for the )-; Love the dry brushing and distressed look. Very nice!!

  15. Beautiful, creative, inspiring! I am so going to do incorporate your ideas into my home!!
    Love your blog!

  16. where do you find the georgeous metal hooks?

  17. That door lock shelf…brilliant! My daughter would love the one with the birds!

  18. All of your projects are wonderful…I love weathered wood mounts for an added touch of aged appeal!

  19. These are all awesome…can’t decide which is my favourite! We’ve always got old wood around the property, will definitely be trying these ideas.
    Debbie 🙂

  20. You have some great hang ups girl!!

    My hang ups are not quite so lovely….=)


  21. I love it idea of turining the lock mechanism into a shelf. Brilliant!

  22. Love your hang ups!

  23. So much clever beauty and fun ideas. If only we all had your hang ups. But then again, if we did, there wouldn’t be a scrap of wood left from here to timbucktoo! It’s just amazing all the sweet hang ups you were able to come up with from the wood and your salvaged finds.

  24. Angie,
    You are so clever. I wish I had your hang ups! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the Old Time Party!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  25. Angie, you may have alot of hang ups, but I love every one of them! The chippy paint on the wood is fabulous! I want to pin them all! Hoping to add a hang up or two to my basement finsihing.

  26. I love all of your hang-ups!

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