Thursday’s Theme – {Sitting Down on the Job}

I’ve been sitting down on the job again, working on more projects with old chairs.

Believe it or not, even after all the chair projects I did a few weeks ago,
I still have more chairs left in my workshop.  Seriously, where they all came from, I don’t know, because I don’t even remember buying them all.  Anyway, I have this long counter in my workshop that I’d love to actually do some work on, but it’s been stacked up with chairs ever since we moved in last year.  There’s hope I may actually be able to use counter now, instead of using my kitchen table for all my painting and pounding.

I had this chair seat that no longer had the back.  Actually, I have 2 of them.

I thought it would make a nice stool or little side table, so I painted and distressed it,
then stenciled this pretty scrolled design on it.  I’ve listed it in my shop, but I’m okay
with keeping it too, because we can always use it as an extra seat at our kitchen table if we need it, but it looks cute in the living room as a little side table as well.

I grabbed another chair and brought it in the house and was getting ready to tear it apart, so I could come up with something to do with it, when I realized it wasn’t broke.  I actually brought home a chair that could be sat upon!  Now, we don’t actually have a need for another chair in the house, but I wasn’t going to destroy a perfectly good, antique chair, so I’ll make room for it somewhere.

It gave it a makeover with two-tone gray paint to match the seat, which I recovered in a well-worn antique grain sack.

I also had a pretty caned chair, but part of the caning was breaking through.  Whoever owned it before me had woven a bunch of ribbon through the cane to stabilize it, but it didn’t look very attractive, so I decided to repurpose all the parts of that chair as well.  I added a bread pan to the seat, which helps disguise the weakened caned area, and makes a wall basket now.

The front legs got bread pans also, for a double wall basket.

I added a darker stain to the legs, which accents the wood grain nicely.

The back rest got turned into a wall shelf.  I used more of the wood I got from a demolished historic courthouse in Missouri, but I used the rougher underside for the shelf, as it brought out the area I distressed after painting the back rest.

This chair was, by far, the one that challenged me the most.
It was a totally broken, ancient rocking chair.
I tried several different things on it, none of which I liked, then I realized it reminded me of a weathered old sign, hanging at a summer camp, so I painted part of a cabinet door with chalkboard paint and added it behind the backrest.

The chalkboard has a rustic finish, in keeping with the “campish” rugged look of the piece.
Beyond that, I didn’t mess with the back rest at all.  It has so much chippy, old character and didn’t need my assistance.

The final chair part I worked on was this pair of legs.  I was the least excited about doing something with this part, because they weren’t pretty, shapely legs, but it ended up being one of my favorite makeovers.
I wrapped some jute webbing around the spindles, which photos & ephemera can be attached to.
I love the contrast of the wood and the jute webbing.
 I also added a few old nails to the bottom rung, to hang things on.
I think it’s adorable now, with some garden shed decor hanging on it.
I’ve had this old beauty for several years.  I toted her home from a farmhouse auction and love her bare bones look.  The problem is she’s really big.  I don’t have room in my little house for a large chair that can’t be sat upon, and I don’t have a booth where I can sell her.  I can’t even keep this old girl in my workshop, because she takes up too much space in there…so she’s sat outside my workshop for over a year – exposed to the elements.
Yes…I feel guilty.
As much as it pains me to do it, my husband is disassembling her for me, so I can at least turn her lovely parts into smaller, useful things…hopefully.  Yes, I went back and forth on that decision several times, but finally decided it needed to be done, before the she is completely ruined by the weather.  I just hope I don’t mess them up, or I’ll be crushed with guilt.
I’ll let you know what she becomes.

All these items are available HERE, (except the one with the shelf, it has sold).

If you missed my previous post on other repurposed chair parts, click on this photo to see it.



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  1. Well isn’t someone miss creative pants. Love everything… No joke… So creative. I thought the side tables were my fave, but as I scrolled, I wasn’t sure

  2. Angie,
    I love every single one of these old chairs repurposed. I love to have things like this with history repurposed into my home so I love that you remade these into the treasures they are now. I am hoping over to your etsy site now.

  3. Wonderful ideas. Not sure which I like best–so many neat ones. I will look at broken chairs a little differently now. Thanks.
    : )

  4. Wow! You have created some neat items. I like them all.

  5. oh my – you have a gift. some very cute and tasteful makeovers here. Love your first stenciled stool – and your lace and baby’s breath for the photo shoot is perfect!!

  6. wow – you have a gift! Some awesome makeovers here. Love that first ‘stool’ with the stenciled design. And your photo shoot with the lace and white flowers? – perfect!

  7. It’s so much fun to release creativity on items that need a new life. You do such a wonderful job.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  8. Hi Angie, Chairs just rule don’t they? I love all your wonderful chair redesigns and repurposes. You are so talented and this is a craft after my own heart. I too love to recreate vintage chairs and have painted so many over the years, I have lots count. LOL!!
    So enjoyed my visigt. Have a great weekend and Happy Creating.
    Hugs and Blessings, Celestina Marie

  9. Angie … you certainly have not been “sitting down on the job” … you have been working very hard to re-purpose all those neat chair pieces. I love the chalkboard camp sign and the one with the little shelf. Lots of creative ideas and I will look at old chairs with a different view now.
    Audrey Z
    Timeless Treasures

  10. If I can’t skinny dip I’m not coming over.


  11. Such cute ideas…just had to pin and share!

  12. I know I’ve said this before, but you are ridiculously creative! There’s not one of these that I don’t like! Wowsers!

  13. Oh I like the chalkboard chair the best . That would look good hung on a kitchen wall or going out the door wall

  14. These are all fabulous Angie! I’ve gotta share this!!!

  15. Ange I just LOVE your style and your ideas. You are amazing. I wish I could come and soak up some of your creativity and imagination!

  16. ooohh i love your ideas! The backless chair is so chic:) Pinned

  17. You have such a creative mind to come up with all these unique ideas. Love the cane back with the bread pan – so pretty, and the one with the webbing is great too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Your chair repurposes inspire me SO MUCH!! I think I’ve “pinned” them all 🙂

  19. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what you’ve done with old chair parts! I love every one of them and will not look at another old wreck of a chair in the same way again. Sweet ideas! Pamela at playingwithmycamera

  20. Angie…what an inspiration for me. I have a broken chair that should become something new 😉
    thanks for sharing

  21. Thank you , you have inspired me! I have a few chairs to work with!

  22. The chalkboard is my favorite!

  23. I simply love all the chair make-overs!! I have 2 chairs now just waiting to become something spectacular and you have given me such inspiration. Found you through Beyond the Picket Fence link party. Thank you for sharing and you have a new follower also.
    Susan @ Rustic ReDiscovered

  24. What on earth? This is something special, something I really like. I had so many old chairs at one point! I think my son and husband through a lot of them out. I’d really love it if you linked up to my What to Do Weekends Party. This is perfect weekend stuff, no? At any rate, I will be back. Linda

  25. WAY cute! And so original. My favorite is the red chair.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna / White Oak Studio Designs / SW Michigan
    Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations
    Facebook: (for portfolio of chalk painted work)

  26. Wow! Those are all really cool. You’ve found so many creative spins on chairs. I especially like the backless chair at the beginning that you’ve repurposed as a stool / end table.

  27. I love them all, but my favorite is the first one, chair into table/stool


  28. Great collection! I am pinning for sure, so clever!

  29. Angie… I love your projects… so clever… I’ve featured you this week on Dandelion House on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! You go girl!

  30. I’m just seeing this post today…LONG after you posted. I have been keeping the back to an old chair that was my mothers. The seat and the rest of the chair is gone. The entire family thinks I’m nuts for keeping it, and now YOU have shown me several really great ideas! Thank you so much.

  31. Dang! Now I wish I would have picked up the free chairs on the side of the road last week. Next time I will.

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