How do you DRESS your Drawers?

Crazy busy day here today, so you get photos and that’s it!
Tell me what you do with drawers in your house.
I love creating vignettes inside them!


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  1. I don’t dress my drawers nearly as nice as you do! GREAT job- I love them- xo Diana

  2. what all the best dressed drawers are wearing this season. heehee
    love them…

  3. Lovely! I’m keeping my eyes open for a stray drawer.

  4. Angie,
    This is a great post. So pretty. I love the way you dress your drawers.

  5. I have one drawer on the wall in my kitchen (dining side) and I call it the silver ware drawer.
    It hold my giant fork and spoon…
    It gets some looks!


  6. good morning Angie … love your post … your drawers look great. Love the first one with all the white stoneware … of course, stoneware is my favorite thing. I have several drawers that need to be dressed, so had better get busy. Thanks for the ideas.
    Audrey Z.
    @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Darling, darling post!! Love all of your drawers-my very favorite one was turquoise and lavender!!

  8. Well MOST of them are messy and disorganized. However, I do love decorating small drawers in tables with little vignettes for the holidays. I keep them open slightly and fill them with vintage things that I keep out all year long but change them up for the holidays as well. Your drawers are adorable! I love the old pots with the lace and hpoto.

  9. Best dress drawers that I’ve ever seen…so pretty!! Now I want to look for old drawers at the flea markets when they open for the season.

  10. I really, really, really LOVE your blue and white drawer! The signs you’re making on the windows are awesome too! I have so many of those I picked up. Where do you get your vinyl?

  11. I love using old drawers… you have some great old ones Angie <3

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