Give a Soldier the Time of Day

I would rarely do something like this, but here it is…
As you all know, my oldest son joined the Army reserves and is at Basic Training right now.
Last week when he called home, I asked him if there were any soldiers who weren’t receiving any mail and he said that there was one soldier who hadn’t gotten any and wasn’t likely to, because he’s not close to his adopted family.

As an adoptive mom, and the mother of a young man serving alongside this boy (because they’re all boys to me)…this breaks my heart.  There’s very little that can be sent in a care package to soldiers, but I’m sending a care package to this soldier, just so he knows that someone cares about him and to thank him for signing up to serve our country.

I received another letter from my son today, and he said that the soldier he told me about is his platoon’s “guide” and he doesn’t have an Army-approved watch (which means he has no watch) and he has to ask other people every time he needs to know the time.  I already purchased and sent my son a watch and plan to send the other soldier one as well.

If you’d like to “give a soldier the time of day” and would like to contribute toward the purchase of this watch, I’d really appreciate it.  The cost for a nice G-shock watch is a little over $100.  Once the funds have been raised, I’ll let you all know, funds won’t be collected above and beyond what is needed.  If interested, you can send your contribution through Paypal to jasmasix @ msn {dot} com.  Any amount at all is helpful, so please don’t feel like you need to send much.

If you can’t send money, then send up a prayer for this young man.  I don’t know any of the details behind why he isn’t close to his adoptive family (and I don’t need to know), but my prayer is that God would somehow use this time while he’s in Basic Training to draw their hearts together.  Everyone needs a family who loves them!

Here’s a recent picture of my son at Basic – so glad his platoon is on Facebook, so I can “see” him!
(he’s the short one on the far left).
My sincerest thanks!



Thanks to YOU – all the funds were raised in less than 24 hours!   
No further funds are needed.  THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Such a nice thing you’re doing. My nephew is in the Marines and had a couple of guys that never received mail either. When we were able to send a care package we sent extra for him to share.

  2. What a thoughtful thing for you to do Angie. I’m hoping that he gets his watch soon because of your efforts and concern.

  3. Angie, this broke my heart. I don’t have children but I know about the not having any relatives. I’m sending you the $100.00. God Bless You and them!

  4. Joani has a heart of pure gold! This is the nicest Easter story I’ve heard so far. Your son noticed someone’s loneliness, you took up the cause and Joani stepped in as the guardian angel. It just bring tears to my eyes.

  5. hye angie…this just touched my heart. i read it late last night and sent you 25.00 via PayPal. I hope it went through! god bless them all! 😉

  6. Angie, I am sending you something for him or for the anything else he or someone in the group might need. I would be happy to “adopt” a soldier if you know anyone who would like to be adopted by me or maybe even a group of your followers would like to adopt a soldier (male or female). Love, Peace and Blessings

  7. I will be sending a prayer his way (for whatever reason he doesn’t have family at this time is not important,what is is that your son cared enough to notice)..You have raised a good young man..

  8. Hi Angie … what a beautiful thing you have done. You are such a caring person. Since your request has been met; I will be praying for the soldiers and for you too. God bless you.
    Happy Easter,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Angie, I feel I know a little about how this young man feels, and would really enjoy writing to him, or sending a care package. If your son can say whether or not the other soldier would receive mail happily from someone he does not know, please email me privately and let me know. My dad was 20 years air force, and my brother 20 years navy. It’s hard on them and I like to support anyone who needs it! Prayers or otherwise. Thank you for making us aware of this need, Angie.


  10. About 15 years ago a teacher at the campus I worked gave soldier names and addresses that served with her son that needed a friendly letter and often enclosed a pack of gum or a small inexpensive gift. I wrote that young man throughout his tour of service. When he returned to the states I thought it was over and done with. Not so. He sends me a Christmas card every year.

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