A Little Dream

For the last few months, I’ve been showing you lots and lots of stenciled windows and wood projects, and it suddenly occured to me – could I create stencils to sell?  I love creating something new out of something old and I love doing that with typography and antique graphics, so wouldn’t it be fun to develop my own line of stencils that others can use?

This little dream has lots of challenges though, the biggest of which is getting the stencils cut.  While I have cut several plastic stencils with my Silhouette, it just wasn’t designed to handle heavier weight plastic and I’d probably spend more money on replacement blades, cutting mats (or replacement Silhouettes!), which would make it a less than profitable venture.

I looked into purchasing machines that can laser cut stencils, but they are super expensive.

I’m also looking into having another company cut the stencils for me, but even that is expensive and doesn’t leave much of a profit margin.  It can’t hurt to dream though, right?  I’ll just keep designing stencils for my own use, and hope that eventually I can come up with a plan to make them available to others.

Primarily, I like to design stencils based on antique advertisements, favorite songs and sayings….the things I love.  I’ve got so many design ideas rolling around in my head!  I showed you a coat rack I created yesterday from a stencil I was experimenting with.

Did anyone guess the song that inspired the stencil?  You probably need to be at least 30+ years old to remember it, unless you listen to oldies stations, but the song was “Sweet Life” by Paul Davis.  Listen to it on YouTube HERE for a flashback, but here are the chorus lyrics:
“We’re living such a sweet life, oh what a neat life
Sharing my love with you
We’re living such a sweet life, oh what a neat life
Making our dreams come true
We’re making our dreams come true.” 

Dreams are free, so here’s to dreaming!



  1. Oh Angie … your stenciled signs are just so good. Wishing you luck with getting someone to cut stencils for you. You are so energetic … does your mind every take a rest?
    Hugs, and many blessings. So glad your neck is better.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. No one can take your dreams away….and I think that would be a great line to carry….Good luck!

  3. That would be so Sweet if you could design your own stencils to sell.
    I would be one of your customers.
    I hope something comes through for you!
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your stencils would be a hit and I would want to buy them all.
    I hope your dream comes true Angie.

    Have a great weekend!:)

  5. Your signs continue to amaze — it’s crazy how much time and thought it takes to pump these out and yet you do it time and time again! Love all of the finishes you add too.

  6. Don’t give up that dream. Not all of us want stencils with squiggles and swirls, we want the meat-the words. And rarely if ever do I see those.


  7. I love your dream. I hope it happens for you.

  8. Thank you for re-introducing me to Paul Davis! Spent a lovely time on Youtube reminiscing to his songs! Oh yessss-I adore the stencils too!

  9. Your Sweet Life coat rack is gorgeous. You always make such wonderful stencils. Hope you can find a way to make that dream come true!

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