Dictionary Pages Pennant Banners

Yesterday  I promised that I’d share the printables for the DIY Dictionary Pages Pennant Banners I used to decorate my Wooden Mantel Backdrops.
Printable Dictionary page banner
Printable DIY Dictionary Page Pennant Banner from Knick of Time
I always get excited when I find books that have that aged, darkened color that looks so pretty, but the drawback is the pages are usually very fragile and brittle, making it difficult to use them for craft projects.
To solve that problem, I scan the images on very high resolution, then make copies of them, which makes them much more durable for crafting.  You can also print them over and over, which is important, since dictionaries only have one of each page with the capital letters on them, and you may need multiples of the same letter.
With the pages I’m including here, you can create banners with the words, HOME, TIME, LOVE & NEST.  Some of the pages tore on the edges when I removed them from the dictionary, but when cutting pennants for banners, the edges are cut off anyway, so it doesn’t matter.  I made myself a template from a piece thin plastic (what I cut my plastic stencils from), because I could see through the template to draw my cutting lines on the pages, but you could just use a ruler to draw the lines as well.
Dictionary Page Pennant Printable Banners - HOME, TIME, LOVE and NEST - Printable Tutorial | www.knickoftime.net
Here are my pages that I had printed at Staples, with my cutting lines drawn.
Dictionary Page Pennant Printable Banners - HOME, TIME, LOVE and NEST - Printable Tutorial | www.knickoftime.net
When I weave ribbon through the pennants, I cut along the lines and across the top of the dictionary page image.
DIY Dictionary Page Pennant Banners
If I am going to use twill tape across the front of the pennants, then I extend the cut line and glue the twill tape over that white part of the page, so the twill tape won’t cover up part of the dictionary print.
Dictionary Page Pennant Printable Banners - HOME, TIME, LOVE and NEST - Printable Tutorial | www.knickoftime.net
(Download all of the pages HERE.)
I used Word and put 2 of each dictionary page on each page and then printed them on Color Xpressions photo paper.  It is thicker than regular copy paper, has a wonderful matte look so the colors are vibrant.  If using images for projects like decoupage, regular copy paper would be a better choice, if printed with laser ink (so the ink won’t smear).
DIY Dictionary Page Pennant Banners
These are quick and easy to make – hope you enjoy creating some of your own!
Free Printable Dictionary Pages Pennant Banners from Knick of Time

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  1. Great Tutorial Angie … maybe I should start making banners. These are just too cute. I like the twill tape across the top.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Now I have to go cut up my dictionary! I wasn’t creative enough to think of using the alpha letter at the beginning of the listings! CLever, clever girl!

  3. Love these Angie! Great idea to use the letters!

  4. Yes, as the others said, great idea to incorporate the letters into the banners! And thanks for sharing the pages.

  5. Oh, thank you Angie! I’m pinning!!

  6. Pinned. I have a banners board, and I really should make something from it.


  7. So cute! Thanks for sharing : ) I found you on 5 days 5 ways.

  8. Angie, you have THE cutest displays. The banners are adorable. Thanks for the graphics and the tutorial!

  9. I want to create some of these signs so badly for my wedding, but I can’t find an old dictionary that has the letter at the top of the page like this one does!

  10. Do they even make dictionaries anymore, lol?! Very fun banner.

  11. This is so creative Angie, I love it. And I just happen to have an old dictionary collecting dust! Visiting from Creativity Unleashed.

  12. LOVE THIS!!!

  13. This is so pretty and creative…your shabby aqua wooden backdrop for it is perfect!

  14. Your banner is so pretty!! I have seen some people scan in pages and print them for Bible Journaling. I have not tried it yet, but I am going to have to give it a try.

  15. I love these I made some with authors. I like these too! So pretty! Happy Summer, Kippi

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