Laundry Room Reveal

My laundry room is finally finished.  We’ve never had a dedicated laundry room in any of our homes – just laundry closets, so it seems like a luxury to me to have a real laundry room.  I wanted a very simple, old-fashioned farmhouse look for this room, and love it so much now, I’m tempted to make room for a chair, so I can just sit in there an enjoy it.
Antique Clothes Wringer Laundry Room Remodel Vintage Baby Dress via
It started out as a combination laundry room/bathroom, but we decided to put up a new wall and make them two separate spaces.  Sorry, I couldn’t find my photo of the room before my husband starting tearing wallboard off.  My husband’s gonna love this mug shot of him.
Flash forward 6 months to my now crisp, white laundry room, with old-fashioned character.  There was no way to get a great shot of the whole room, so I’ll share it section by section with you.
Behind the new wall that the clothes wringer is hanging on, is the new bathroom, which is still undergoing remodeling.  This room was an addition to the original 100+ year old home, although it was clearly added many years ago as well.  The ceilings are really low and are at a bit of an angle.  I talked my husband into installing corrugated roofing metal to replace the ceiling tiles.  See that precious little dress?  I wanted a Little House on the Prairie kind of dress for my daughter, so my mom made it for my her when she was about 9 month old (now 20), so it’s a treasured keepsake.
Antique Clothes Wringer Laundry Room Remodel Vintage Baby Dress via

We found 2 old wooden cellar doors in the rafters in the garage when we moved in, so I asked my husband to cut this one, then add angle brackets to convert it into a shelf.

Antique Clothes Wringer Laundry Room Remodel Vintage Baby Dress via
I’m so fortunate to have a husband who builds whatever what I envision.  He’s willing to build most things, as long as he doesn’t have to do any painting.  I’m willing to paint, but don’t like to build, so it works for me!

I told him I wanted a shelf next to the washer to hold laundry products, etc., so he created it for me out of a bed footboard.  The wire basket on top holds all the stray socks that are waiting to find their partners.  I wanted someplace to fold clothes as they come out of the dryer, so I also asked him to build a counter to go above the washer and dryer.

Repurposed Antique Clothes Wringer Laundry Room Remodel Vintage Baby Dress via
I love “shopping” in my own workshop when I’m ready to decorate a room.  I’ve had this enamelware basin for quite some time and the old white shelf was in my workshop when we moved in.  Both are right at home in my laundry room now.
Antique Soap Antique Enamelware Wash Basin Laundry Room Remodel via
There were only three things I specifically purchased for this room.  One was the Superior clothes wringer, seen in the top photo.  I also wanted a bunch of old bars of soap.  I have antique advertisements for bars of soap and decided to start searching for the real thing and was able to find quite a few.
Antique Soap Antique Enamelware Wash Basin Laundry Room Remodel via

My cousin sent me this wonderful old washboard, because I grew up in a neighborhood called, “Sunnyland”.  I’m so glad I have the perfect place to hang it now.  Thanks Karen!!

Antique Washboard Laundry Room Remodel via
I’ve been on a mission to find antique wooden clothes hangers for my laundry room, and Cindy @  Old Time Farmhouse must have been reading my mind, because she contacted me and told me she had something she wanted to send me, but I didn’t know what it was.  Imagine my surprise when I received several of these wonderful hangers from her!  Thank you SO much, Cindy – I absolutely love them and they are perfect in my laundry room!
Antique Wooden Clothes Hangers Laundry Room Remodel via
Cindy has the best Etsy shop, called The Old Time Pickers.  She has some of the best antique and vintage items, so be sure to go check out her shop.   She has another blog by the same name as well.
Antique Wooden Clothes Hangers Laundry Room Remodel via
I really wanted was an antique-style laundry cart, with a bar at the top for hanging clothes, but there wasn’t enough space in the room for it.  Instead, I picked up some plumbing pipes and asked my husband to assemble and install this clothes bar.  I love the industrial look of the pipes and the contrast to the white in the room.  I lucked out and found more antique wooden hangers at an antique store.  There were scattered in various rooms and on different floors throughout the store, but I think I managed to find all of them.
I wanted some old-fashioned clothing advertisements for my laundry room as well.  You may recognize the two images on the right as ones I shared HERE, but I wanted a third image to round out the display, and when I stumbled upon the wonderful Gold and Silver trade card image on Pinterest, I knew it was perfect.  Dick Sheaff, the owner of the graphic, has an amazing collection of antique images on his website, so be sure you check them out HERE.
(I contacted him and asked his permission to share with you all, and he graciously granted it.)
I had them printed at Staples on their photo paper that has a wonderful matte finish, then attached them to small chalkboards.
Antique Clothing Advertisements Laundry Room Remodel via
And here we have the repurposed sleeveless blouse that I turned into a clothespin bag.  I didn’t have a curtain for the window, so I quickly attached an pretty white table runner to a rod.
That takes you full circle around my laundry room!
Repurposed Clothing Clothespin Bag Laundry Room Remodel via



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  1. I love it Angie. Great vintage items and a fabulous transformation.

  2. Oh, I just love your new laundry room. It`s so beautiful.


  3. This is a wonderful inspiration. My laundry is screeming for this look. Great and wonderful.
    Love from Sunny South Africa

  4. I love everything about your new laundry room…great job! Hugs, Penny

  5. Lucky you Angie, to have a designated laundry room!
    And you did a beautiful – white- vintage job – just loving it 🙂

  6. I’d be tempted to get a comfy chair and sit in that laundry room, too! You did an amazing job of making it wonderfully functional and pretty at the same time. Well done!

  7. Wow…I’d want to find something to wash every day if I had your laundry room…LOL! How sweet and just my style. Thanks for the shout out. So happy you were able to use the hangers and how cool to find some more! I need to ask what is it that you put on your walls as I’m kicking around some ideas for our basement wall behind our washer and dryer. Thanks!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  8. It is the most beautiful laundry room ever! Seems almost a shame to mess it up with dirty clothes etc!

  9. Your laundry room is more than amazing! It took my breath away. To think, I’m getting all faint from a laundry room 🙂 You did a beautiful job decorating it. Love all the details, especially the industrial hanging rod. Oh my. It’s no wonder you want a chair in there. I don’t blame you. Just lovely 🙂 And how lucky you are to have such a handy husband. I have the same situation and don’t know what I’d do without my guy. 🙂

  10. Your laundry room is WONDERFUL! Love the corrugated ceiling, the clothes wringer, the advertisements, everything! You have a wonderful vision, and a great talent for bringing the vision to life. Way to go!!

  11. I love the before and after, Angie…it turned out so great! Love the wringer part and my favorite is the industrial hanging bar! Such a great space!

  12. What a fabulous room! Love everything about it. You truly captured the farm house look!

  13. This space like your bathroom and kitchen are utterly, crazy good! I love your creativity and your hubby’s talents! Mad skills I tell ya, Mad Skills!

  14. Best laundry room transformation ever! I have to ask what you did with those mint green cabinets though?! Take off the strawberries and they are retro chic! Love your clothespin bag too. And all the touches are just amazing! You and your husband make a good team. I think I’m most jealous of your sock basket. Great idea!

  15. I love it, but I knew I would…I just love the wood against the white….very old fashion…and perfect for the look!!

  16. It is so beautiful it ALMOST would make me like doing laundry!

    Okay, I said “almost” 😉

    I think it is a wonderful transformation – I adore the wringer and all the vintage touches.

  17. It’s beautiful. You definitely achieved your goal! And I agree; you and your husband are a great team! Your door turned shelf sparks an idea. 😉 I need to find a door now. 🙂 Great job! Function and beauty….

  18. I love it, I want it, what a darling vintage laundry room. Great job.

  19. it looks wonderful!!! I love everything you did to it, but I especially love the washer and dryer. lol

  20. You did a great job I love your laundry room. Mine is in a unfinished basement . I would love to have yours.

  21. Hands down the best Laundry room EVER > CAN I say PERFECTION ..WHY yes I can .. That is magazine worthy sister.. Just loved it ….

  22. Hi Angie, Your laundry room turned out so beautiful. I love all the vintage accessories and the graphics. Doing the laundry must be much more fun now.

  23. I love it!
    I’ve been seriously thinking of painting our mud/utility room white. I’d love to have a laundry bar over head like yours…
    but you know what? I’ve got vintage metal cabinets above my washer dryer area. yeah! And I’m keeping mine.
    I must tell you Angie… I do have some serious galvanized metal ENVY! I don’t want it on the ceiling…instead on the wall behind the washer and dryer…I think that would be so totally AWESOME!
    …this space inspires me. Pat

  24. Gorgeous! What a transformation! I love this 😉
    Jamie @

  25. What a beautiful room… Thank you so much for linking up to our party!

  26. What a fantastic laundry room! I’ve never had a “real” laundry room, and now I’m extra jealous. So many great details in the space, and it’s so wonderful how you and your husband can work together to bring your vision to life!

  27. I love it! And I can’t believe that I’ve followed you on Pinterest all this time, but didn’t know that you had a blog! I’m following here, too, now. 🙂
    Nice work on your laundry room!
    We turned our grungy dungeon laundry space into a happy, handy place last spring. What a difference it makes! I love doing laundry now!

  28. This inspires me! I want to redo our laundry room this summer!

  29. I love all the new “elements” of your laundry room. I am particularly interested in those walls. Can you tell me their story?

  30. Wow! Angie, I just love it!! That pipe hanging rack is brilliant! You are sooooo lucky to have a handy husband. So lucky!!

  31. Angie, what an absolutely beautiful laundry room!!! I love every single detail!! I’ll be taking away some of these ideas to keep in mind for my own little laundry area, if it ever gets a redo! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

    Melissa@Shabby Love

  32. LOVE IT!!!!!

  33. I love it. The details are so fun. I especially like the pipe hanging rack. So because you love it too, have you been keeping up on the laundry? Inquiring minds need to know.


  34. Angie, I just love it!! You did a great job Gal!!

  35. I am featuring you on Saturday… Thank you so much for sharing!

  36. Aww … I love everything about it.

  37. This is a beautiful and lovely vintage transformation. Loving the white.


  38. Thank you for the tour. I really enjoyed it.

  39. You are amazing!! I would actually enjoy doing laundry in that room! thanks for sharing

  40. I love your laundry room. You have used wonderful details to make it the perfect vintage wash room.

  41. Amazing! I love it! I want to live there! LOL

  42. Angie, I love every detail! Gorgeous!

  43. Angie, I love your laundry room. So neat and a place I’d want to do laundry. Thanks for sharing. Susan @

  44. washing wouldn’t be so bad when your laundry room looks this nice! i love all the rustic and vintage accents 🙂

  45. Thank you Angie for joining my link party with your beautiful chalk board project. I hope to see you again tomorrow!


  46. I love your laundry room. And the shelves made out of rafters ….just wonderful. Love the old soap and the basin, all the goodies on your shelf. You did a great job putting it all together. And of course white is wonderful in a laundry room. Really great post.

  47. Oh my I just love your laundry room ~ drooling…. My hubbie is the same way, he builds it and I paint it (I love to paint anyway!) The door you cut and transformed into a shelf, I LOVE that =) p.s. I found you on the More the Merrier Party and I’m so glad I did!

  48. Love all your fabulous vintage touches! I too have a collection of hangers – what luck that you found so many (and were gifted a few too)! The clothes wringer is my favorite – luckily you don’t have to actually use it!

  49. love all your hard work, fun place to do laundry, so many wonderful vintage items! Enjoy

  50. Angie! You have outdone yourself again! This is just amazing and what a wonderful husband who helps build everything with you! My fave part is that pipe hanger to hang clothes on-so cool!

  51. Great laundry room transformation, Angie! I did mine last year too, so I know how great it is to do laundry in a pretty room and yours is fabulous!

  52. Simply fabulous! Wonderful transformation!

  53. WOW! This is stunning. Great job. If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party:

  54. Love this! Love the “door” shelf and tin ceiling. Wow, I want a laundry room now–instead of just a cobwebby corner of my basement!

  55. Omygosh…this is like walking back in time…just amazing and so unique. You and hubby did a tremendous job….:)
    Here from No Minimalist Here….

  56. So pretty! You and hubby did a great job. Love the pieces he repurposed and the accessories you added. I recently painted my laundry room a tan but I am so inspired to paint it white after seeing your wooden hangers and pieces against the white walls.

  57. I love your new laundry room. All of the details are fantastic, a woman that knows what she wants I say! Thanks for sharing.

  58. I just came over from Pinterest… This is so pretty! I especially like the clothes’ bar made from plumbing pipes. That looks so nice.

    ~ Jennifer

  59. Angie, Your laundry room is soooo adorable and I love all the vintage decor! Thank you for sharing this at the Open House party and check out next weeks party for your feature.

  60. I love, love your laundry room! Every little detail is so wonderful. I’m crazy about the pipe hanging rod and the shirt clothespin bag! I’d love it if you would share this at “What We Accomplished Wednesday,” at Green Willow Pond. It is live right now. Have a great week!


  61. My, my my!!!!! Gorgeous… every bit of it! I would (almost) look forward to doing laundry in this space. LOVE the ceiling idea – on my list of great ideas! Thanks so much for the inspiration! 🙂

  62. Those decals of strawberries are probably from the 50’s. Or maybe the 40’s. Decals were pretty big back then. Every piece of kid’s furniture had a decal on it. Hope you saved the cabinets for use somewhere. I really like your wringer. Might go find one! Ann

  63. Love your laundry room, what a huge change! It’s so nice that you have a husband that doesn’t question your design ideas too… and he can build things! NICE! :o) I also love the old hangers, I have a collection of old laundry/dry cleaning hangers like yours in my laundry room. they are hanging over the top of my curtain rod making a sort of valance!


  64. I adore your laundry room. So cute. I especially like the clothes bar made out of old plumbing pipe.

  65. Angie I love your laundry room! And that roofing on the ceiling is the best! I have an unfinished ceiling in my basement and that is the greatest idea!

  66. My house is also old, built in 1853, and has the add on sloped ceiling room in the back where they threw in the laundry. I assume that’s your back door in the picture? Mine is a combination laundry/dining room though, each being on their own side when you exit out of the kitchen. I wish I could have put a wall between mine but *sigh* not enough room with all the windows (that were a must keep item) and doors. I love all the little touches in yours!

  67. Simply lovely Angie.

  68. Hello, I love your ingenuity in all that you do, you really know what you want and your husband supports you by constructing it from your vision. I am also blessed with a husband that can do ANYTHING. I just wanted to share a little story. We found an old washboard in very good condition and a wood clothes hanger, which has my daughter’s name on it, for her laundry room for Christmas a few years ago. So, we decided to tell our eldest daughter that we go her sister a new “washer & dryer” for Christmas. Well, we will never forget the look on our daughter’s faces when they saw what they were! Of course our youngest daughter loved them and she didn’t need a new washer and dryer anyway, and she was delighted that the hanger was manufacturer was her name. I love your style, my mother’s style was just like yours, and no object that had purpose , present or past was going to be junk piled if it could be used to decorate or just serve to remind one of an earlier era. Thanks for sharing.

  69. You are SO creative, Angie! You’ve inspired me to get busy and clean and organize my messy, dirty laundry room! I want one as pretty as yours!

  70. Thank you for sharing your fabulous laundry room. Your transformations are inspiring…..especially since we now own a 90 year old farmhouse!

  71. We were looking at the pictures of your laundry room and had questions about the industrial style hanger you made. My husband is wondering if you coat the pipe with something to keep it from getting things black if they were to rub against it.
    Thank you, and I love your laundry decor!

  72. Brenda Stallings says

    I wish I could do a laundry room especially one like yours! Just don’t have the room or the husband to do the building! Lol! You are a luck key woman!

  73. I love every detail! Did you make the Borax sign or was it a found item? I’ve been looking for something like that for my laundry room! 🙂

  74. Cindy Oliver says

    Carma asked 1st, are the pipes coated with anything? Love it! Also your clothespin bag is super cute. I have a “once-upon-a-time-fabulous” Victorian waistcoat that is too teensy to wear & is also a little too moth eaten & frayed to be preserved as museum quality. You have inspired a lovely way for it to be appreciated on display.
    We can all hope that as our youthful glory frays & fades, we can still function & continue to repurpose ourselves …lest we be hung out to dry.

  75. Oh my goodness that laundry room is amazing! I wouldn’t even mind doing laundry there! Tell your husband he needs a DIY blog, he makes cool things!

  76. What a gorgeous makeover!!! Just LOVE everything! Any chance you could come to Australia and work your magic in my laundry!!!

  77. Rachel Tan says

    That’s the most beautiful laundry room ever! I’m in love!


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