Free Fonts to use with your Silhouette Machine

I’ve been out in my workshop all afternoon, determined to get it to a point that I’m not completely grossed out to be working in it.  It is rustic, to say the least, but it’s all I have and I am thankful it gives me someplace to work on projects, other than my kitchen table.
Since I don’t have a project to share with you today, instead I thought I’d share another tip for those of you with Silhouette machines.  I love using my Silhouette machine to design my own signs, but what I don’t love is all the little pieces I need to replace inside letters like A, P, O, D and B.  When you use fonts that are stencil style, the letters remain connected together, so you don’t end up with so many pieces to replace.
Occasionally a few of the letters do require some replacement, but very few compared to using a regular font.
Soft Autumn (download HERE)
Stardos Stencil (download HERE)
Lear Architect (download HERE)
Fine Stencil (download HERE)
HVD Spencil…yes, it’s called sPencil, not sTencil (download HERE)
Stencil Gothic (download HERE)
These fonts will automatically be available to use on your Silhouette once you download them, the same as any other font you could use with Microsoft Word.  There are many more available.  My favorite source for fonts is and you don’t have to install anything to download the fonts.



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  1. Thanks for passing these along Angie.

  2. I just received my new Silhouette last week and am SO itching to try it!! I know you’re the Silhouette Guru so I have a feeling I may be screaming help!! I was so happy to see this post! As soon as these kids head off to school next week, I’m heating up that machine! Thanks Angie!

  3. I have been looking and looking trying to figure out what (if any) cutting machine will cut using fonts I have downloaded onto my computer. So the silhouette will cut using free fonts I’ve downloaded? And a cricut won’t right?

  4. Thanks for sharing. The fonts are cool.

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