Printable Antique Photo & Mat

I love to look through old photos at antique stores, and occasionally bring some home.  In addition the liking the photo itself, I’m always on the lookout photos that have pretty photo mats in good condition.
Here’s one I brought home recently of a pretty young woman wearing a lovely dress and a string of pearls.  The photo mat had just a little damage, but I was able to digitally touch it up to share with you.
You can insert your own photo by printing the frame, then cutting slits on the 4 corners to tuck your photo into, or just by cutting out the entire center and placing your photo behind it.
To print the frame with your photo already in it, just open Picmonkey and select whatever photo you want to use in the frame.  Add the frame as an overlay and size it to the photo.  Save it to your computer as a JPEG and print it.  I do believe you need the paid premium account with Picmonkey to use overlays, but I’m sure you could use other programs or Photoshop as well.
I love the look of these antique photo mats and the vintage feel you can add using them with a modern photo.


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  1. I love this idea.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. YOU always have greatness my sweet friend… HUGS

  2. love this frame Angie!! thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!

  3. The picture of your son looks great in the frame and the vintage picture is priceless.
    Thanks for sharing the frame.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Thank you so much for the vintage frame and lady photo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much appreciated. Also I agree your son is very handsome and that is a great photo of him.


  5. I would love to download these mat frames but for some reason, I am not seeing a link here. Could you please tell me where they can be downloaded? If you would like to email them, I would be even more thrilled. The bigger the file, the happier I will be. They are lovely. Terri

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