Sonday – {His Delight is in the Law of the Lord & A Teacher’s Prayer}

I think college is a real testing ground of a young person’s faith.  It’s the “fire” that burns away beliefs that aren’t authentic and what remains is their true belief.  As my oldest son returns to college and my middle son starts college on Monday, this Psalm is my prayer for them (and my daughter as well).

1896 Bible Page

Here is the full page that Psalm was taken from.  You are welcome to save and print any of the Bible pages I’ve shared for your own use – just click on the image to view in larger size.

Here’s an antique hymn page that’s a teacher’s prayer.



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  1. Wonderful scripture to share…thank you, Angie! :o)

  2. I have made all my kids memorise this psalm, it so powerful!

  3. Love this psalm and perfect for college
    Students to meditate on. Actually ,all of us.
    Lovely vintage pages. Thanks

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