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Since my older two sons have left for college, my youngest son got to take over one of their bedrooms.   My middle son wasn’t interested in painting or doing anything to the room when he was in it, but my youngest son did want to do some decorating.
He’s a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes books, so we batted around some ideas to decorate around that theme, but buying Victorian-era furniture, wallpaper and other “props” isn’t in my price range, so instead we’re going with a more modern room that pays tribute to the sleuth.
He wanted gray as the primary color, with black accents, so he painted his walls gray.  We have a long way to go, but the first project I finished for him is a canvas with Sherlock’s address on it.
I started with this image, then added in the address.
I also added the design in the center.  My silhouette was having a hard time “reading” the image in black and white (which is unusual), so I change it to gray, black white and it worked better.

I spray painted the canvas black first.

The vinyl stencil has 2 parts – the outer edge and the inner part with the words, so I centered the outside first.

Then added the center part.  You’ll notice a few pieces are disconnected and have to be added back in their places.

I placed a piece of wood under the canvas, then used my 50 cent bargain brayer to smooth the vinyl down to work out any bubbles.  You’ll notice the Silhouette “read” the curvy scrolled part of the image in a funky way, but there wasn’t much I could do about it, so I had to just go with it.  I covered the edge of the canvas, then spray painted white over it all.

I’m working on another canvas image to coordinate with this one, which I show you later – assuming it turns out!

By the way, you know I like to change up my blog header every few months, so I took a poll on my Facebook page and asked them which of these 2 headers I should use.

Most of them voted for the one with the music page on it, but a few liked the one with the trees, so my blog gets the music page and my FB page is getting the trees.  I’m not looking forward to winter, but I love changing up my blog header, so I’m looking forward to doing a winter one now!



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  1. I love how you and your son are working together to decorate his new room. How many parents and kids work together like that any more? So precious.

  2. Hi Angie … both headers look great. I like the one with the trees as it relates to Fall and Harvest time so well.

    I know you are having fun helping your son’s decorate his room and so excited about getting you a work room too. I finally did a project, well two, with the Silhouette and a little happy that I accomplished something. Makes we wonder even more how you handle big stencils when these small ones were a bit of a challenge.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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