Chalkboards, Tiered Stands & Signs

We’re having another heatwave here in Illinois, and had just enough moisture to make it really humid.  I’ve been keeping busy, little by little working on my way through random things in my workshop that have long been waiting for their turn to get a makeover – like this wooden tray turned chalkboard tray.

These parts from an antique sewing machine stand become little chalkboards.

My husband helped me put together a few more tiered stands.  This one is made from an enamelware plate and bowl and a spindle from the cross-support of an antique table.

Another tiered stand from two old “hammered” square baking pans and another cross-beam from the same table.

A customer requested an “Amazing Grace” sign, so I made her one, and another one to list in my shop.

Another customer requested a “Number Our Days” sign….

so I made two and listed this one in the shop.

I’ve also been busy painting an antique headboard, which will go in my guest house when it’s done.  I still have a lot more work I want to get done before cold weather sets in, so I just keep plugging away.

What projects have you been plugging away at?



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  1. I love the chalkboards from the sewing machine parts and the tiered stand. The number our days is a favorite verse of mine.

  2. Not working on anything at the moment. Just finished decoupaging the cabinets in my kitchen. You are so talented!

  3. I just absolutely love your Amazing Grace sign! And your tiered trays are fabulous!

  4. Angie . . .these are so sweet! Your creativity is a God gift. Thanks for bringing honor to His name.

  5. Oh I love your chalkboards and tiered stands. I’m going antiquing in a few weeks, so I am going to look for items so I can make a tiered stand. So cute!! I have a wooden tray that may get some chalkboard paint and soon! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  6. That tray is a GREAT idea!! I love it.

  7. I always love your projects. They are so “from the heart” and beautiful.

  8. Very cute! Loved the tiered stands! Thanks for sharing on the Dream*Create*Inspire link party. I actually grew up in Illinois, right outside of Decatur, so I know what you mean by heat wave in IL 🙂

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