French Script Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

If you’ve ever made a DIY version of chalk-style paint, or have been curious to try it, today’s post is for you.
If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I love chalk paint.  It is hands-down, my favorite paint to work with.   It dries quickly, distresses beautifully, is much easier to clean up than other paints, and it doesn’t stink up your whole house when you paint indoors.
French Script Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

Last year, I discovered I could make my own chalk-style paint powder and I was thrilled.  I got all the benefits of chalk paint, without the hefty price tag!  Recently, I was contacted by Kelsey @ Blue Minerals.  Blue Minerals is the creator of a powder you add to your own paint to create chalk-style paint.  She wanted to know if I’d be interested in trying their product and writing a review for it.   I told Kelsey I was happy to try her product because I wanted to compare the results with my own version. French Script Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

What I didn’t realize is that while the results I was getting from my DIY were wonderful, my homemade version wasn’t as safe as the name brands, because the main “ingredient” I was adding to my paint can be dangerous, and if you’ve made your own chalk style paint – you are probably using it too.  That ingredient – plaster of Paris.  Plaster of Paris contains chemicals that can cause burns (least likely to happen), permanent lung damage (more likely because of the dust), and are carcinogenic (cancerous).  I had no idea.

It only takes 2 tablespoons of powder to make 1 cup of paint, which was enough to paint this sewing table.

French Script Desk Makeover with Chalk Paint

After mixing the powder with a little bit of water, I added it to my paint.  It was wonderfully creamy and applied beautifully.  This desk was only given one coat of paint.  The coverage was excellent.

I prefer to seal my pieces with wax and love the finished results after buffing to a soft sheen.  It’s best to allow your pieces to cure for 30 days to allow the paint to harden fully.

It’s a cluttered photo, but here’s how the desk looked before I removed the sewing machine and painted it.

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  1. Love your table Angie … good to know about this product too and the info on Plaster of Paris. I use that sometimes, but prefer un-sanded grout. Need to see what chemicals are in that too. You blog page is looking so good.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures Will keep in the refrigerator for weeks.

  2. What a beautiful piece! I’ve tried the expensive chalk paint but would love to try out this product too! I’ve pinned it so I can try it after the Holidays.

  3. The table looks beautiful! I’d love to try this new product.
    What a fabulous looking cat! x

  4. Wonderful table! LOVE the color!

  5. Yup…I paint in my kitchen too…It drives my 16 year old daughter nuts but I do it anyway. 🙂 It’s just to cold and damp in the garage come winter!….Your sewing table is beautiful, did you fill in the spot where the machine was? I just finished one but feel like I should put something there.

  6. Love your (not for sewing) table! Good review. Interested also in the unsanded grout ingredients. Pinned your beautiful table to my boards!

  7. I sew (lol) love Sewing Machine table makeovers. The color is gorgeous and I love the script. Great work.

  8. Beautiful table Angie… and so is your cat! 🙂

  9. wow! just awesome!! and, bless your heart for taking that sweet little baby in!!!

    m ^..^

  10. I am so intrigued by this product! Thanks for the review. That table looks great.

  11. The table looks beautiful…thanks for the review!

  12. What a beautiful piece! Too bad about the cost.If you add the cost of a quart + this product it is almost as much as a can for me.I have a supplier close.Thank you for sharing about the plaster of paris.I had no idea.I am planning on making some myself but I will make sure to use a dust respirator.

  13. Looks lovely. I just bought ASCP and have wondered what is in it? How safe is it? The Stockist said that they do not know really what it is made of…its a secret. Hmmm, I just hope it is safe.

  14. another unbelievable transformation. love the numbers you’ve added..ttres, tres chic. 😉

  15. Lovely! I have my Mom’s mid century sewing table all ready to paint…I do it anywhere, kitchen, dining room, guest room and on occasion bedroom (hubby was away). I’ve used the unsanded grout to make my chalk (type) paint. I love the color you have achieved, my table is blonde and very straight lines… What paint and color did you use? Just discovered your blog and love it!!! Thanks.

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