Antique Photo Frame – Antique Graphics Wednesday

Here’s a beautiful antique cardboard photo frame from the 1930’s that is perfect for digital collage and mixed media projects, or print it out (cutting out the center) to create an actual frame for a photo.  
Antique Photo Frame-Free Clipart-Printable Graphics-
It’s a PNG image, so all the background has been removed and you can digitally add your own photo inside the frame.  
Hundreds more free antique graphics can be found HERE.



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  1. Hi Angie … very nice … thanks. I am sure I can find someway to use it.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Thank you, Angie, for the beautiful frame.
    Now I need to find something to put in it!

  3. Love the shape of this frame!

  4. Great graphic! I love your blog and all of the wonderful ideas and inspiration you give us!

  5. Pinning this. A gal never knows when she might need a vintage frame.

  6. I love this and the scripture. I am living in a MODE of thanks today and I loved reading it . BLESS you my friend. HUGS

  7. Gorgeous! Thank you!

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