Milk and Cream Co. Chair & Christmas Games

Last week, my husband and I went to an auction and I brought home 4 chairs and a step-stool.  Of those 4 chairs, two were very stable, usable chairs, one can be fixed and I’ll repurpose the parts from the fourth chair into new creations.   This chair is nearly identical to a set of kitchen chairs we have.  It’s just slightly smaller.  The only problem with it was that the varnish looked terrible.
Upcycled Vintage White Chair Milk and Cream Company via Knick of Time
I used Blue Minerals to create some chalk style paint and painted it white and distressed it, then cut my favorite vinyl stencil of the Milk & Cream Co. image to paint on the seat.
Upcycled Vintage White Chair Milk and Cream via Knick of Time
Someone asked me on Facebook about my distressing methods, so I thought I’d address that here.  I don’t really have any one particular method.  Sometimes I wet-distress pieces, and other times I use my palm sander.  I don’t usually wet distress anything with a design or lettering that was painted with chalk style paint, because it will smudge your letters.   For  a piece like this chair, I do the majority of my distressing before painting the image on the seat.  Once the image is painted and well-dried, I lightly sand over it – just enough to “age” the image, but not so much that the black paint could get sanded into the white area.This chair is available in my shop HERE.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of using this image and it always sells well, no matter what I put it on.  I like to streamline my workflow, so since I had extra paint made, I created another Milk and Cream Co. lazy Susan (which is now sold).
Upcycled Vintage Lazy Susan White Milk and Cream via Knick of Time

I lead a small class of junior high kids at our homeschool co-op each week and last week we had a little party before taking a break for Christmas.  I asked for some game ideas for kids this age on my Facebook page, and one reader suggested Minute-to-Win-It games.

I searched YouTube for games to play and got hooked watching them all.  There are even video clips with a minute countdown timer you can use for your own games, which is why my computer is sitting between the 2 tables.  There are oodles of great game ideas out there and my group had a lot of fun playing them.  I’m attempting to dodge the rubber bands the kids are shooting at a stack of cups here.

Minute to Win It Games via Knick of Time

In this game, they had to blow up a balloon and use the air to blow as many cups off of the table as they could in one minute.

Minute to Win It Games via Knick of Time

In this game, they had to lay pencils in sets of 3 on the top of their hand, then catch them in the palm of their hand.  The one who had the most pencils in their hand at the end of the minute was the winner.

This game was a riot to watch their facial expressions.  They had to place a cookie over one eye an work it into their mouth by wiggling their cheeks and bending their necks, without touching the cookie with their hands.

Minute to Win It Games via Knick of Time



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  1. Angie your chair is gorgeous!! I love it in all it’s chippy glory, fabulous 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  2. Not sure what I love more, the chair, or the games!! Pinning the chair. I just adore that graphic!

  3. The chair is fabulous!

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