My Favorite Handmade Things Giveaway – 12 Prizes with 12 Winners!

 It’s been tough for me to keep this a secret, but when Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage asked if I’d like to team up with 12 other bloggers, many of whom I’m sure you know and love, to bring you an all handmade giveaway for Christmas – you can bet I said, “yes” in a hurry.

I’m not gonna gab a lot, but just so you know, there are 12 prizes for 12 different winners.  Win something for yourself, or to give as a gift!
milk and cream sign, salvaged wood christmas tree, silk screen Santa towel, vintage spoon keychain, glittered letters, ski lodge sign, repurposed book page flowers, Jeanne Oliver handbag, burlap wreath, typewriter key necklace, vintage repurposed bracelet giveaway via Knick of Time
Angie – Knick of Time Interiors (that’s me!) – Milk & Cream on glass sign (Shop Knick of Time)
Milk and Cream Co. Sign available from Knick of Time
Kelly – Eclectically Vintage – Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock and Roll vintage silver spoon keychain
Stamped Silver Keychain
Lucy – Craftberry Bush – stag watercolor art pillow (Shop Craftberry Bush)
milk and cream sign, salvaged wood christmas tree, silk screen Santa towel, vintage spoon keychain, glittered letters, ski lodge sign, repurposed book page flowers, Jeanne Oliver handbag, burlap wreath, typewriter key necklace, vintage repurposed bracelet giveaway via Knick of Time
Jeanne – JuNxtaposition – vintage typewriter key necklace (your choice) (Shop JuNxtaposition)
typewriter key necklace giveaway via Knick of Time
Jen – Jennifer Rizzo – set of 3 original art silkscreened dish towels
Handmade Santa dishtowel via Knick of Time
Melaine – My Sweet Savannah – salvaged wood Christmas tree (Shop My Sweet Savannah)
Salvaged wood Christmas tree giveaway via Knick of Time
Jen – City Farmhouse – hand painted Ski Lodge sign
ski lodge sign giveaway via Knick of Time
Jeanne – Jeanne Oliver Designs – Sadie Handbag or $89 shop credit (Shop Jeanne Oliver Designs)
Jeanne Oliver Sadie handbag giveaway via Knick of Time
Lucy – Bel Monili – vintage buttons and baubles bracelet (your choice) (Shop Bel Monili)
Vintage bauble bracelet giveaway via Knick of Time
Denise – The Painted Home – music sheet flowers in new blue mason jar
repurposed vintage music sheet flowers giveaway via Knick of Time
Jade – Jaderbomb – gold glittered PEACE letters (Shop Jaderbomb)
Glittered Peace letters giveaway via Knick of Time
Laura – Top This Top That – burlap wreath
burlap wreath giveaway via Knick of Time
  Good luck to all of you! Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below to enter. Open to continental U.S. residents only



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  1. I love the handmade gifts I receive from my Grandchildren. They are the most precious gifts of all.
    Fran C

  2. Having grown up on a dairy farm, I love your Milk and Cream sign! Thank you for taking part in this giveaway!

  3. My tree of life pendant!

  4. A handmade with love apron for a wedding shower from my MIL. Thanks!

  5. I would love to win one of the 12 handmade prizes… I especially love the Sadie handbag… Patricia Ann

  6. A window bookmark made by my grandson with his photo inside.

  7. I love handmade gifts, so thoughtful…

  8. cute mini airstream handmade trailer from my daughter in law was the best! Thanks!

  9. Hand crocheted baby items from my Grandmother, Treasures!

  10. One year, one of my nieces made me a cross stitched Christmas ornament that I still use. It is so beautiful and reminds me of the good times I spent with her when she was young even though that was over 20 years ago.

  11. The christmas ornaments my children made for our tree when they were small.

  12. Crocheted Rugs fro my grandma

  13. What a wonderful giveaway.
    The best gifts I ever received are handmade gifts by my fellow
    Blogger friends.

  14. Handmade gifts are so special to me. Thanks so much for sharing the spirit of the season 🙂

  15. The best handmade gift I ever received was an embroidered Christmas stocking from my grandmother. Every sttich, sequin and bead affixed with love. I feel it every time I look at it.

  16. WOW – choose? Impossible. I love them all. What really spoke to me was the Mason jar of flowers but I love everything else, too.

  17. The nightgowns my grandmother used to make for me and my mom.

  18. My grandma used to make all of us Christmas ornaments every year up until about 5 years ago. I treasure those ornaments and often think that I should take over that tradition!


  19. A Little suitcase of Handmade Doll clothes my Mom made when my Dad was laid off from General Motors. It was the best collection and gift ever! Even at 5 yo that memory was like moments ago~

    Happy Holidays Angie~
    Huggs, Nancy

  20. Ok, so I don’t usually sign up for giveaways…I never win…haha! But I couldn’t resist this one…thanks Angie 🙂
    My favorite handmade gift? My husband made me a miniature version of the house I have always dreamed of…with a hope to “someday” give me the real one. Sweet right??

  21. wow** what a great giveaway!! i love them all. i received my mom’s dollhouse furniture and then my grandmother would make me clothes and my barbies matching clothes!! that was special to me!!

  22. So many great prizes!!! I’ve received several handmade things over the years, but the ones I cherish the most are the wood carvings from my dad.

  23. Thank you for the chance to win such beautiful prizes! I received a precious baby blanket from a friend last Christmas when I was expecting my little guy…I love homemade gifts 🙂

  24. My favorite give was Valentine’s Day; my fiancé made all sizes of hearts and wrote on them and decorated them! He surprised me when I came back in town from a work trip. I could and can picture him cutting out hearts on his living room floor………knowing him all this took a couple of hours of just doing something so simple to make me smile!! CC

  25. The best handmade gift I ever received was a Christmas North Pole Sign that I love and have used every year for the past 12 years.m

  26. Wow, I am in awe!!! What most wonderful gifts! Thanks to all who have given their special talents for this most wonderful time of year. My most favorite gift is a finger painting by my youngest grandchild. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂 in Oregon

  27. My 16 yr old son drawing me the most beautiful Christmas tree pic.ever. He’s such a great artist, but he’s all boy and he’s loving snowboarding this time of yr!!!

  28. All the wonderful handmade gifts from my kids. Last year my 22 year old daughter handpainted a rose for me and my 31 year old son made me a sundial. Can’t beat that!

  29. My girlfriend makes handmade paper dolls…out of thin wood. They are incredible and my favorite gift to receive!

  30. My favorite gift was the year that Mama made me a knit blanket. I Love and Treasure it to this day!!!!

  31. The best homemade gift I ever got was the filet crochet dresser scarf my grandmother made for me. She passed away not long after that.

  32. I was so lucky to receive a teddy bear once that was made from home loomed wool & sewn by a wonderful lady!

  33. I really never win anything, but I never stop trying….

  34. My favorite handmade gift was a teeny tiny orgagami swan folded by my son when he was 9… He’s 21 now and I still have it tucked away! Thanks for a chance to win a beautiful gift!

  35. My favorite handmade gift was a plaster of paris handprint from my child when he was in kindergarten. I’d love to win all these beautiful things. Thanks.

  36. Toni Maire Welborn ,Handmade pearl ornaments

  37. A small quilt from my BFF.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. My son carved “I love you Mom” into a stick that I still have hanging in my kitchen to this day – I love it!!!

  40. A hand knitted stocking from my great-grandmother, didn’t appreciate at the time certainly, but so so happy that I hung onto it until I was able to realize the love she put into it!!

  41. my favorite has been a framed piece made by my mom that showcases all the states I lived in…love it!

  42. Everything is beautiful!

  43. Things from my daughter and, now grandson!

  44. great giveaway! thank you!

  45. My friends and I exchanged homemade ornaments. I treasure those!

  46. My grandmother helped me make a quilt but she supplied all the materials and the quilting. It is certainly treasured.

  47. Gifts from my children are always my favorite! 🙂

  48. All are great.

  49. Handmade artwork from my nieces and nephew!

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