On the Workbench, In the Shop and Wild Turkeys

Most of what I buy at auctions are “junk” by most people’s standards.  I specifically look for broken things that others don’t see value in, because those are the pieces I love to recreate with, but bringing home a Jeep full of “junk” and bringing it into my kitchen and living room has made living in our home unpleasant.  We have to walk through a maze of metal and wood and “stuff”, combined with paint and hammers and boxes and bubble wrap.    I made some progress working through the pieces and parts yesterday, and hope to have it down to a I-won’t-be-humiliated-if-someone-shows-up-at-my-door level by the end of the weekend, then hopefully I can start cleaning up my house and making it ready for Christmas.
Here’s a look at some vintage items I listed in my shop this week, as well as some recreated items I finished.  Some things have already sold, which I’ve noted.  You may want to make yourself comfy, because I have a lot to show you this week!

I got this adorable antique wooden ladder at an auction.  The aging on the wood is perfection.

Antique Wooden Stepladder via Knick of Time Interiors

You’ll notice it is missing the upper rung, but that didn’t bother me at all, because it leaves a better space for displaying taller things, like a big ironstone pitcher.  It has sold.
Antique Wooden Stepladder via Knick of Time Interiors

I used to paint brass candle holders and distress them, but these days I leave them as they are.  They fit so well with other vintage decor.  This set of 3 is available HERE.
Vintage Brass Candle holders via Knick of Time Interiors
I found this adorable child’s school chair at an antique store.
Antique School Chair via Knick of Time Interiors

I don’t mind when these chairs show lots of wear, and even love when I find them with names and initials carved into the wood.  It adds to their character, in my opinion.  I never carved into my chairs at school, but I admit that I frequently carved my name into my mom’s old wood sewing table, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do, because she immediately knew who the culprit was.

Antique School Chair via Knick of Time Interiors

This chair has sold.

Antique School Chair via Knick of Time Interiors
I found 3 of these wall racks at an antique store.  They were used to hold tire tubes automotive shops.
Antique Wood and Wire Gates Tire Tube Peg Rack via Knick of Time Interiors
They are available HERE.
Antique Wood and Wire Gates Tire Tube Peg Rack via Knick of Time Interiors

I also got his antique documents box at the auction.  It’s available HERE.

Antique Metal Document Box available from Knick of Time
And this little train case.  It’s available HERE.
Antique Train Case available from Knick of Time

And this small suitcase. It’s available HERE.

Antique Suitcase Luggage available from Knick of Time

Yellow is not a color I use much in my own decor, but I love the pale yellow and crazed surface on this bowl.

Vintage Yellow Pottery Bowl available from Knick of Time

If it doesn’t sell, I’ll work some yellow into my decor and happily keep it.  It’s available HERE.

Vintage Crazed Yellow Pottery Bowl available from Knick of Time

This mid-century office paper sorter is available HERE.
Vintage Metal Office Trays - Industrial Stacked Mid-century In and Out Paper Trays

Now to show you a few projects I worked on this week.

You’ll recall that my cousin lost her home in the tornado that struck her town last month.  I went over and helped them pick through the wreckage, looking for anything that could be salvaged.  They set aside any wood pieces they thought I could use, so little by little, I plan to repurpose them into new things and give them back to my cousin.  I’m not sure what this little antique door came off of, but it must have been really lovely.  It has leather hinges and beautiful wood, although the wood bears the scars left from the tornado now.  I added a bread pan to the front and hangers on the back, so it can be used as a little wall bin now.
Repurposed Antique Wooden Cabinet Door Wall Bin via Knick of Time
I found a few vintage lazy Susans at a thrift store, and finished this one with my Milk & Cream image.  I haven’t finished the other one yet, but this one available HERE.
Milk and Cream Hand Painted Lazy Susan via Knick of Time

I found enough enamelware bowls for my husband to assemble 2 more tiered stands – one with black trim and one with red trim.

Repurposed Vintage Enamelware Bowl Tiered Stand via Knick of Time

Both of them sold quickly and I have a few people on waiting lists for more, so if you want one, send me a message through my shop on Etsy and I’ll add you to the list.  It’s unlikely we’ll get any new ones made before Christmas though.

Repurposed Vintage Enamelware Bowl Tiered Stand via Knick of Time

I found this magazine rack at a thrift store and really liked the shape, but the finish was very tired, so I gave it a little makeover.

Vintage Wooden Magazine Rack via Knick of Time

It’s available HERE.

Cottage White Wooden Magazine Rack available from Knick of Time

On a completely random side note – my daughter looked out our kitchen window a few days ago and spotted this big flock of wild turkeys out in our pasture.  We spot so much wildlife out there, we finally put a pair of binoculars on the window sill, so we can get a closer look quickly.



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  1. Great finds and makeovers, Angie! I love especially the ladder and I’m not amazed that it sold so fast.
    I’m very sorry that your cousin had lost her home in the tornado. This must be such a horrible experience. It’s a wonderful and very sweet idea to create new things from salvaged wood pieces for her.
    Regarding your question about social media, I only use Pinterest and I read my favorite blogs via Bloglovin.
    Have a happy weekend!

  2. You are a pro at staging Angie!

  3. I only carved my boyfriends and my initials in a picnic table at a state park. Lucky the rangers didn’t catch me, I’d probably be in jail for defacing public property.

  4. loving that suitcase!

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