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I’ve been busy buying lots of antique books the last few weeks, and I’m super excited about the graphics I’ll be sharing with you from them.  Today, I have several gorgeous winter images that all came from an 1859 Lady’s Almanac, as well as the cover from the book.
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Antique Winter Calender Months Winter Sledding Illustrations from 1800's Lady's Almanac via Knick of Time
I’ve never seen an almanac that was specifically made for women before, and this one is a real treasure.  It has the usual information found in an almanac, like moon phases, gardening information, etc., as well as useful tips, poetry, and Christian messages.
Each month has a lovely drawn illustration that shows typical activities for that month, like this January image showing people enjoying sledding and horse-drawn sleigh rides.
Antique Winter Sledding Illustrations from 1800's Lady's Almanac via Knick of Time
Here’s just the month name as an isolated image.
And there is a “memoranda” page for each month, so the owner could write some journal type entries.  Only the month of January contained any written entries in my book.  I love seeing handwritten notations in old books and getting just a small glimpse into a person’s life who lived so very long ago.
1800's Journal Diary Entry from Lady's Almanac via Knick of Time
It’s a very tiny book, measuring less than 4-1/2″ tall and 2-3/4″ wide.  I love the embossed cover with gold lettering.  It’s a PNG image, so it can be layered over other images.
1800's Lady's Almanac via Knick of Time
To give you an idea of the content in the book, here are few of the full pages.
1800's Lady's Almanac via Knick of Time
Antique Winter Sledding Illustrations from 1800's Lady's Almanac via Knick of Time
I hope you find a creative way to use a few of these images.  I’ll be sharing more from this book, including the pages that show the calender month names, because I think those make some great graphics for projects.

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  1. Those illustrations are wonderful that looks like a great find.

  2. Wow Angie these illustrations are awesome!! How lucky to find such a great treasure and it’s in such good shape too. Thanks for the illustrations, I’m definitely going to find the perfect project to use them on.

  3. Thank you for sharing these old graphics Angie, I love them, of course I do since January is my birthday months!

  4. What a treasure. Thank you for your generous sharing.

  5. These are so nice…thanks for sharing them!

  6. Great as usual Angie … love the graphics. You are so kind to share.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Does the book have a picture of each of the months similar to the January print? I decoupaged mine to some cardboard and put
    it on an easel. I displayed it with my “winter mantel”. Soooo cute!!! If there are other prints for the different months could you please put them on your Blog so we can download them??? Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Happy New Year,
    Mary Jane Sapko

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