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You may want to grab yourself a hot drink, and make yourself comfortable, because this post is photo-heavy.
During our drive to and from Michigan last week, to deliver “Big Blue” to his new home, my husband and I stopped at as many thrift and antique stores as we could, although we passed so many we didn’t have time for.  I’m itching to go on another road trip now – preferably when it isn’t snowing though.  Everything shown in this post is already listed in my shop, although I’ve noted the pieces which have already sold.
We came across a 3-story thrift store in Ann Arbor.  At first, I thought it was going to be a real dud, until I went to the basement.  There was one shelf in that big basement where I hit the mother-lode of cool old stuff.  I think all the things I found on that shelf must have been donated by one person, because the pieces just looked like they all belonged together and some of it clearly did belong to one person, like this set of pewter engraved trophy bowls.   I always feel a mixture of thrilled and sad when I find things like this in a thrift store.  Of course, I love finding them, but I feel sad that there wasn’t anyone in the person’s family that saw the value in keeping something, that to me should remain in the family.
Vintage Trophy Award Pewter Bowls available from Knick of Time

The recipient won a lot of awards in what appears to have been a yearly golf tournament.  One of them has sold, but there are 3 left in the shop here.

Pewter Trophy Bowls available from Knick of Time
There was also an identical larger bowl that is available here.
Pewter Trophy Bowls available from Knick of Time
I spotted this pewter water pitcher.  I love pewter and I love pitchers and this one has such a pretty shape.  I think pitchers like this look beautiful sitting on a kitchen table, filled with fresh or dried flowers.  It’s available here.
Reed and Barton Pewter Pitcher available from Knick of Time


Reed and Barton Pewter Pitcher available from Knick of Time

There was also this pretty hinged-lid sugar bowl.

Knick of Time Antique Pewter Sugar Bowl with Hinged Lid

It’s available here.

Knick of Time Antique Pewter Sugar Bowl with Hinged Lid

I’m including a perfectly tarnished spoon.

There was also this beautiful pewter candlestick.  It has SOLD.
Knick of Time Antique Pewter Candlestick Candleholder
I love brass candle holders and I found a mixed lot of them that are available here.  I used to always paint brass candlesticks, but I no longer do that, unless the patina is really bad.  A white drippy candle looks too pretty in them to paint them.
Vintage Brass Candle Holders available from Knick of Time
This silver-plated serving bowl has SOLD.  
Vintage Silver Plated Tarnished Handled Platter Bowl available from Knick of Time

This photo tree has also SOLD.

This handled wire basket has also SOLD.

I found 2 well-used galvanized buckets in the basement of an antique store.  I snatched them up quick!

Farmhouse Vintage Galvanized Bucket Pail available from Knick of Time

Both of them are available here.  I’d love to dry more roses and completely fill one of these buckets with them!

Vintage Galvanized Bucket Pail available from Knick of Time

This footed silver-plated tray is gorgeous!  It was given as an award to someone, and has their name engraved in the center.  You can’t see the feet in this photo, but they are really pretty.  It’s available here.

Vintage Silver Plated Ornate Footed Tray available from Knick of Time

The last thrift store we stopped at yielded a well-aged fryer basket.  I absolutely love these things!  This one has SOLD.

Vintage Fryer Wire Basket from Knick of Time


Antique Suitcase available from Knick of Time
Now for a few projects we’ve finished.  I brought home LOTS of “parts” – things we’ll use to create new things, and my husband had the whole week off of work, so we have had a bunch of projects “on the workbench” (kitchen table) all week.  It isn’t very conducive to eating dinner the table or a clean house, but I’m thrilled we are getting a lot done.
I scoured every thrift and antique store for more parts for tiered stands, and we scored!  It isn’t often that I find two matching enamelware nesting bowls, so I snagged this set.  This tiered stand is available here.

I got lucky and found a bowl with a deep blue base and another bowl with a deep blue trim, in two different booths at an antique store that we paired up to make this stand.  It has SOLD.  We have several more tiered stands that should be finished and listed in the shop this weekend.  One of them includes an antique Swan’s Down Cake Flour pan that is so pretty.

A customer contacted me and wondered whether we’d be making any more primitive kitchen cabinets, so my husband built another one and I painted and distressed it.  The original one was created from an old shipping crate and an antique frame.  I think he did an amazing job making this one look like the first one.

I have so many projects in the works right now, and dozens more ideas I wish I had time to work on, but that’s probably all you can stand for now!


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  1. Beautiful finds; making me want to get out and hunt this week! Your photos against the book-pages background are just gorgeous. Have a great weekend. Patty

  2. Wow you did score! Great projects! I scored an old galvanized igloo cooler awhile back, the spigot at the bottom is busted but I was thinking of maybe turning it into a planter….thoughts?

    I also found some really strange “pictures”, they’re all metal with painted metal flowers on them, they all look rusted. Not sure if that was intentional or not. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them but I just had to have them, they were so unique and only $5 for all 3!

  3. You are so great at staging your wares, Angie!

  4. Wonderful finds Angie, I peek every time you post and your photography always blows me away – you have such a great way of showcasing each item.

  5. Angie,
    I have a home in Southwest Michigan. Have you found any good antique, theft or resale stores there?

  6. Angie,
    I have a home in Southwest Michigan. Have you found any good antique, theft or resale stores there?

  7. How fun!!! I go to Ann Arbor once in awhile and haven’t a clue where that thrift store is. lol There is one in Jackson that I like to peruse that has three floors though. Looks like you had a fun time and made some real treasures!!

  8. You’ve got the staging thing down perfectly! Beautiful.

  9. After my dad died and my mom had to pack up to move across country, she got rid of all his trophies. It was just too much to deal with – he had two walls full – but I never got to look through them first to keep any I might want. I always wonder where his ended up.

  10. ALWAYS love stopping by your blog, checking out the treasures you’ve scooped up, marveling at the way you transform your finds …

    Have a restful weekend, Angie!

  11. I just love looking at the things you find and the things you make. Always a treat to see a new post from you 🙂

  12. Great finds Angie … Love the way you re-purpose and display, no wonder they sell so quickly. I think your hubby is a keeper. Nice that you’ll can work together on projects.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. Wow, you did good Angie – fabulous finds! I just love looking at your vignettes.

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