Pottery Barn Inspired Pillow Shams

I’m dyeing!!!  Not to be confused with dieing, but I do have a new obsession and it’s dyeing.
Pottery Barn Crochet Trimmed Pillow Shams DIY via Knick of Time  Dying Fabric with Rit Dit
Sometimes inspiration is a domino effect.  A few weeks ago, I was oogling over these crochet trimmed  pillow shams from Pottery Barn.  I really, really wanted a pair of the lovely gray ones, but at $49 each, there was no way I was getting them, although I was seriously tempted.
Pottery Barn Crochet Trimmed Pillow Shams DIY via Knick of Time  Dying Fabric with Rit Dit

Seeing that photo reminded me that I had 2 lace edge pillowcases that I’ve had in a drawer for several years, so I pulled them out, then remembered why I wasn’t using them – both of them were somewhat dingy, and had a few spots on them.  I folded them back up and tucked them back into the drawer, figuring someday I’d repurpose them for another project.
Rit Dye DIY via Knick of Time
Then last week, I sat down to look through a gift my sister had sent me – Matthew Mead’s book, Ultimate Recycled Style Guide, and that’s when the domino reaction took place.  On page 243, I discovered exactly what I’d be doing the remainder of my afternoon, when I saw his tutorial for dyeing linens and other fabric.
I talked my husband into coming in town with me to pick up dinner (because who has time to cook when there are linens to be dyed?), and I picked up a few colors of RIT dye.  I pulled those 2 pillowcases back out of the drawer and whipped up a batch of gray dye.
Pottery Barn Inspired Crochet Trimmed Pillow Shams DIY via Knick of Time

Pottery Barn Inspired Crochet Trimmed Pillow Shams DIY via Knick of Time
And in case you are wondering if I have a bedroom I’ve never shown you before, the answer is, “no”.  My current bedroom has horrible paneled walls (and is a mess), and our future bedroom hasn’t been remodeled yet, so I plopped my son’s twin mattress on my kitchen table to get a “bedroom” shot.

My kitchen isn’t looking too great either, with a sewing machine and a teen toy under the table, and a blanket tacked over the doorway.  Our entryway gets pretty cold, so I decided to keep that cold out of the kitchen by tacking the blanket up.  It looks horrible, but it works great!  I’ve had the lace curtain tacked over the door to the right of the “bed” since before Thanksgiving.  I needed to block some of the light from coming through the window for another photo, so I quickly tacked it there.  Then, I discovered how convenient it was to have it there for taking photos and never took it down.  One of these days, I think I’ll actually hang a lace curtain there the proper way…one of these days.  Item number #305 on my to-do list.

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  1. What a great dye job to pale grey. I love seeing reality – I do most of my photography in my kitchen too with lots of different things to hide the stove or sink or … so I can get a decent photo.

  2. What a great way to get the look you want. I’ve been drooling over those pottery barn pillow cases too! Now I have to go see if I have anything in my stash to dye.

  3. Love it! I think I might do the same thing with some vintage pillowcases I have in my stash. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  4. I’ve never seen Pottery Barn’s version of the pillowcases,
    but I sure like yours!

  5. These turned out so pretty!
    I love the photo shoot details too… they made me laugh!
    So about your dying the pillow slips… did the stain look ‘mottled’ or pull a stronger color? Do they still show up?
    The pillow slips look a little bit ‘mottled’ in the picture– does it give these a more vintagey appeal?
    I’m not knocking them. Just curious. I think they are so pretty!
    I have some pillow slips that my mother in law cross-stitched and they have some of the same thing going on due to age and wear. I wondered about bleaching and then re-dying the whole thing one color– the embroidery floss may take on a darker hue than the slips–giving them a nice monochromatic look.
    What do you think?

  6. Perfect redo. I love them and no PB price. What color dye did you bed up using to achieve that color?

  7. your pillow cases are gorgeous Beyond words and way better than those of PB. yours have character!

  8. Thanks so so much for sharing this. I am off to buy dye soon… Great job!

  9. Angie, the pillow cases are SO pretty. Putting the mattress on the table-genius : )

  10. PB, eat your heart out! Another successful hack of their merch. These pillowcases look great. I too wondered if they took the dye evenly all over.Would really like to know as I haven’t dyed anything since I attempted to tie dye a tank top “back n the day.”

  11. Great project. I love how your lace pillowcases turn out. I also love how you keep it real! Thanks for sharing that photo. There are too many bloggers out there who wouldn’t dare be that real. I applaud you!

  12. What colors of RIT dye did you use to get this color?

  13. Julie Chase says

    These are beautiful…and I LOVE that curtain there. I also love the fact that if you were multitasking in the kitchen you could lay down if you were tired. I can’t tell you how much I loved this post…creativity and reality…..can I come for coffee or a nap or both❤️

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