Repurposed Antique Headboard into Coat Rack

If only I had more space…
You have no idea how often those words cross my mind, and they definitely were on my mind today, as I was photographing this headboard-turned-coat rack to list in my shop.

Antique Headboard Coat Rack The details and shape are just gorgeous.   I used Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder to make chalky paint, and distressed it just enough to highlight the details.  I added 3 ornate coat hooks, although there is room to add 2 more, if a customer wants me to.

Antique Headboard Coat Rack
Though no one would ever see it once it’s hung up, it has a metal tag connected to the back with the maker’s information on it.  I get excited about little details like that, just because it gives me more information about the piece.

I sold the matching footboard several months ago, and had planned to keep the headboard for myself, but once again…I have more stuff than space, and I don’t have anywhere to go with it.  If our bedroom was remodeled, I would probably keep it, but since it could be a good long while before that project gets started, I decided to go ahead and list it.

If only I had more space…

Repurposed Headboard Coat Rack

If your interested, it’s listed in the shop here.
I’ve been working on a lot of projects this week, but this sign I made is the only one I had time to photograph.   It’s already been purchased. Hymn It is Well with My Soul Wood Sign



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  1. Love this!!! Thanks for the idea. I’d love to have it, but shipping is horrendous so I’ll try it myself! I love your shop. It’s great!

  2. It turned out so beautiful. How do you ship something this size?

  3. A beautiful headboard for sure. I love it as a coat rack!

  4. It’s beautiful and so clever! Thank you for sharing! ~Lisa @ Practically Perfect Home

  5. I love this idea! Well done!


  6. She’s a beaty–thanks for linking up!

  7. that looks great! maybe it’s time to tear my kids beds apart and make something new. hahaha

  8. That turned out so lovely, Angie! I often wish I had a little more space for some of the things I find or make…but at least we can still sell them…

  9. Such a beautiful headboard for a coat rack ~ LOVE it!!

  10. Good morning! I’m so in love with this project, I’m going to feature it on my ‘Weekly Wonders’ post tomorrow morning! ~Lisa @ Practically Perfect Home

  11. Love the headboards used like this…nice job.

  12. Very creative! I love it! Thank you for sharing. Leticia

  13. Terrific idea – i have a couple of solo headboards, so i’m going to give it a try… i’m sure mine won’t be as lovely but I’m grateful for the inspiration.
    Where is your shop located? I love to travel around to see other places!

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