Nothing, Nada, Zip

I usually try to share a new project with you on Mondays, but I’ve got nothing today.  My youngest son spent a week with my two older sons at their college in Arkansas, so my husband and I went to pick him up and visit with visit with them.  If I was a really organized and structured blogger, I would have gotten a project ready ahead of time to share with you today, but by the time I finished making things customers had already ordered and shipped them out, I just didn’t have the “umph” to work on anything else.  I did buy a few things, but haven’t photographed them yet, so I’ll show you those later in the week.

My middle son’s pooch spent the week there too.  He’s been my son’s constant companion every since we got him as a pup, and it was a tough adjustment for him when my son left for college in the fall.  It always does my heart good to see them back together, and I’m looking forward to having them home in the summer.

Later this afternoon, the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Inspiration Party will be live, so come back and share any vintage-related posts you’d like to show us.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have this week.  Remember, if it’s old, or looks old, or you made it out of parts of something old, or you are selling something old…you can share it at the party!

So, forgive me for having nothing to share with you right now…but a smile.  Some days, that’s the best I’ve got!



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  1. What a great photo, Angie! So glad you are having some family time!

  2. Angie, don’t be so hard on yourself… you are allowed to take some time off of blogging, we will still be here!

  3. I wouldn’t call this “nothing to share”, Angie. It’s always uplifting to hear about family (and doggies) spending time together!

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