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There are days when painting something sounds like work because of all the clean-up involved, and days when the sewing machine and I are at odds with each other, and days when getting my hands filthy from handling rusty stuff, just sounds gross.

On days like that, projects that require nothing more than my scissors, printer and oven, sound perfect.  I was sorting through some supplies, and saw a package of Shrinky Dinks that I bought months ago, and playing with it sounded so much funner, and much less messy than any other project at the moment.

I looked through all of the antique graphics I’ve shared, and decided to have some fun with some of them.  I choose a ledger page and antique receipt and made a necklace with them.
Antique Graphics Shrinky Dinks Jewelry & Magnets Ledger Paper by
Then I used the same vintage seed packet images as I used on my Spring banner, and made more necklace charms for a necklace.
Seed Packet Antique Graphics Shrinky Dinks Jewelry & Magnets by
I was able to fit 6 images on a page, in order for them to shrink to the correct size.  If you want to make charms, use a 1/4″ punch to make a hole before baking them.  You have to use the Shrinky Dinks for ink jet printers to use my printable images.
Antique Graphics Shrinky Dinks Jewelry & Magnets by
The left side shows before shrinking size, and the right is after shrinking size.

Antique Graphics Shrinky Dinks Jewelry & Magnets by

Occasionally, you do get some that don’t shrink correctly – usually caused when it curls up and gets stuck, so it doesn’t uncurl properly and lay flat.

Antique Graphics Shrinky Dinks Jewelry & Magnets by
When is the last time you made something with Shrinky Dinks?  They are so much fun, & it’s an activity adults can enjoy together with the kids!

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  1. I have never used shrinky dinks even as a kid, I am intrigued. That was a great idea I love how they came out 😉

  2. I am now going to have to find the supplies and try your idea. I pinned it so I won’t forget. You have the best ideas.

  3. Well now Angie … that looks like fun. Never heard of the product, so guess I need to visit Craft stores more often.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. I just got rid of my youngest daughter’s shrinky dink set! I could have done this too! So cool with vintage graphics!

  5. What a great idea! I have never used shrinky dinks, but always thought it looked like fun. Now I have an excuse to try!

  6. did you just print the images directly onto the shrinky dink material? i have some and love yours!!

  7. Those are very cool! In the past I created with shrinky dinks when my kids were younger. It looks like I need to get it out again!

  8. How fun! I haven’t done shrinky dinks in years! Always thought they were so cool.

  9. I love Shrinky Dink! How cute to make them with the antique graphics. You are endlessly talented!

  10. Love these Angie. It’s been a long time, but that just might have to change.

  11. You are killing me! I love these too! I haven’t used shrinky dinks in a long time but I actually have a package!

  12. So cute! I used to love shrinky dinks!

  13. Well aren’t these just the cutest!! I love the ledger paper necklaces!


  15. great game!
    Just a few days ago I played ^ _ ^
    Good life Angie

  16. Nicole Colledge says

    I LOVE SHRINKY DINKS!! Started working with them about five or six months ago and I can’t get enough!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. These are so pretty! How did you get the black border around the seed packet?

  18. Would you make some of these for me if I paid you? They’re absolutely adorable!

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