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This feels like the never-ending update, but after an extremely long winter, work has finally resumed on my combination, guest room/photo studio, and I can see completion of the remodel on the horizon.  I don’t have any really good place inside my house to take photos, so that’s the purpose of remodeling this old outbuilding.  It’s just a few steps away from our house, so it will be convenient as well.

My husband had to remove most of the front wall because some of the wood was rotten and the wall was sagging, then rebuild it.
Guest Room Remodel via
This room didn’t have any windows and I’ll need a lot of natural light to use it as a photo studio, so he installed one of the same antique courthouse windows that we used as a room divider between our kitchen and living room.  He rebuilt the door frame, and will be installing one of the beautiful antique doors I got last year.  The room should have plenty of light coming in at different angles at different times of the day, which will be wonderful.
Guest Room Remodel via
If you missed my previous update in the fall, he also installed 2 more antique windows along another wall, added planks and beams to the ceiling, and installed a wall air conditioner.  We aren’t likely to heat it much during the winter, but I would like to install some type of heating, in the event we need it.
Wood Ceiling Beams Wood Plank Ceiling Guest House Remodel Repurposed Shed Guest Room via

We got some sheets of old corrugated metal and attached it to one of the other walls, so I’ll have a variety of backdrops to use.  I can’t wait to actually start using it for product photos.
Repurposed Corrugated Metal Roofing on Walls via
Since then, he also added planks to the windows wall, so I’ll be able to start painting them soon.

I also hope hang a pull-down chalkboard backdrop, repurposed from an old projector screen, so that will give me a total of 4 different backdrops to use (corrugated metal, white planks, chalkboard & windows wall).  I hope by the time it’s finished, painted and decorated, it will have a cohesive look, and doesn’t look like a bunch of random , mismatched walls.  
I hope the next time I update you about this room, it will be a completed room reveal, so wish us luck!

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  1. lookin’ good!

  2. Oh, that’s going to be so cool Angie, can’t wait to see what it looks like when you complete it!


  3. You already do such a great job staging, Angie. Now your photos will be awesome!

  4. Well first of all… your husband is awesome! If I had an “out building” I would put a bed in it for me! That is a great, great place and your ideas for back drops are fabulous… I want a roll down chalkboard. I have no walls so that would be perfect, just roll it up out of the way! You are a lucky duck Angie!

  5. So excited for you to have your space done. Almost makes me want to take the garden tools out of my shed and make it my own.

  6. What a great beginning for your photo studio/guest room. Love the bones of the beginning and looking forward to see the progress.

  7. I am so excited for you Angie. Just wonderful that you will have a variety of backdrops and a lot of light. Love the plank wall. I installed a pull-down projector screen in our shop, reversing it to use the back which is black and it makes a really nice backdrop. Maybe I should rub it with chalk for a blackboard effect. I do hope you will be able to have some form of heat as I am sure you will want to use it year round. Looking forward to the finish. So lucky you have a handy husband.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. oh! so excited to see the update!! Can’t wait for the finished room to be revealed!!

  9. this is fabulous, angie!

  10. Angie, this is such a great spot for photographing and staging your items. I love the windows. This is my dilemma right now trying to get different back drops in my home, while making it fit into my home decor. I’ve already planked a wall in my entrance and it serves as a great spot to photograph my furniture but am looking for different ideas. Good luck and I look forward to seeing it all finished up.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  11. Good luck with it Angie–I look forward to seeing it done and all your creative ideas and projects!

  12. Awesome….what a wonderful space this will be! What a great idea, wish I had a place like this, I struggle all the time to find a spot with good natural light.

  13. You are so lucky – I WANT TO BORROW YOUR HUSBAND FOR A YEAR!!!!!!

  14. The natural wood looks soooo good

  15. I heat my outbuidling studio space with a small plug in radiator in the cold months – it keeps it warm enough for things not to freeze. then I added a small blower style ceramic heater for when i am out there – keeps it comfy enough for just a sweatshirt and its inexpensive to heat.

    this is beautiful —

  16. Sounds like a dream come true. It will be fabulous!!

  17. What a beautiful space! Right now I use old fence panels leaning against the south-facing side of my house for most of my staging – I’m both living vicariously through you and cataloging your amazing ideas in my mind for the future!

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