Ugly Plastic Pot Disguise…Spring Flowers in Salvaged Metal

Are there any other plant murderers out there?  I hate to admit it, but I am one.  Walking into a garden center, in the month of April, gets me every year.  After long, dreary winter days, I am craving green plants and colorful blossoms.  Despite the fact that I kill every plant I bring home, (except for the poinsettia I bought 2 Christmases ago…that thing refuses to die), I still buy new plants every spring.  I’m an optimist, right?  So when I went to Lowes a few days ago to buy some hardware, I managed to walk out with some Gerbera daisies as well.  The nice thing about buying annuals, is when they die, you know you weren’t the murderer…they aren’t supposed to live long.
Not wanting to make their death come any sooner than necessary, and worried that it’s still a little too cold to plant them outdoors, I plopped them on my kitchen counter. and figured I’d just a wait a few weeks for warmer weather to plant them outside…if I haven’t killed them by then.  The black plastic pots they came in were less than attractive, but I didn’t want to repot them before they get planted, so I looked around for something I could disguise the ugly plastic with.
repurposed farm water pump

On Monday, I showed you a hanging light we made from a part from an old farmhouse water pump, and I told you I have two more pieces like it.  One of them is missing the top part, so it can’t be used to make another light, but it was perfect as an ugly pot disguise.

Repurposed Metal Salvage Flower Pot by

Once I plant the flowers outside, I’ll come up with another use for this pretty metal piece, or I may just keep hiding ugly pots behind it, for other poor plants awaiting their untimely deaths.


Spring Flowers Gerbera Daisies in Repurposed Metal Salvage by



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  1. I thought I was the only junkie to collect old graters! I knew I liked you…

  2. I can totally relate about being a plant murderer…my husband looks at me like I’m crazy whenever I bring a new plant into the house, because he knows what I know…that I’m just going to kill it. Anyway, I love what you did to disguise the ugly pots…it’s beautiful!

  3. perfect indeed… I like the idea of keeping flowers inside till it’s time to plant them out. Why haven’t I tho’t of that? Instead I put off buying them till the appropriate time… dumb!

  4. Angie, that is pure gorgeousness! I’m not the best with plants either…lost some nice perennials when I never got around to planting them…bad, bad gardener.

  5. love it!!
    and for being ‘optimistic’, there are sure a lot of ‘die’ words in this post. =)

    Love your cabbage slicer shelf!!

    be blessed

  6. Flowers and junk go together perfectly!

  7. Totally perfect as a pot disguiser! Love the whole vignette 🙂

  8. You are so creative, Angie. Lovely pot disguiser♥

  9. Great idea, and it looks wonderful!!

  10. Sure wish my talent could come close to yours. I love these!

  11. I love it – it looks beautiful! I too love buying plants and flowers and nothing ever really seems to come into fruition. However I have started to master tulips – progress! Keep up the good work.

  12. Wall planter says

    Love it ,nice sharing.


  1. […] the warm wood juxtaposed with the worn metal creates a beautiful wall display, and the Gerber daisies supply a lovely bright note amongst all the pewter-colored […]

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